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Danno 04-25-2015 04:30 PM

I'm sure other music lovers have experienced it. You're sitting around or driving around with a slight buzz from your favorite vice, and you're listening to something you'd heard several times before, but this time something strange happens, it hits you!

The thrill starts a tingling feeling in your head, it kinda tickles, and it travels down your neck and spine and you sense a feel of audio euphoria that excites you more than you ever thought music could. Its a tingle that feels like it touches your very soul. Its as close to sex as just about anything else I've experienced.

I call it an audio-orgasm. Its hit me with 100's of songs, but oddly its seldom on the 1st or 2nd listen. It seems like its the 3rd, 4th or 5th listen when it happens.

I guess its why I've been a music fan for over 30 years.

Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon? And if so, what songs gave you that audiorgasm?

frydaddy 04-25-2015 09:12 PM

Re: Audio-Gasms!!!
I have experienced it as well. And I agree that it's almost never on the first listen. I think it takes a few to really appreciate the depth of a good song. When the music and lyrics work together to paint the picture and tell the story of the's a beautiful thing.. my wife teases me because the hair on my arms will stand straight up. I can't help it though, when music is good I don't just hear it, I feel it.

I'm into the heavy stuff mostly so I won't list songs, cause most of you won't know who or what I'm talking about lol. But if you do happen to like it as well, I highly recommend a band called Periphery. You'll probably be thrown off and not really sure what to think of them at first.. I was the same way. Now, I can't get enough of them. Lots of depth to their music. Particularly their latest 2 albums: Alpha and Omega. Both concept albums, great stuff.

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