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CheramieIII 02-08-2006 07:57 PM

Pick Number 5!
The Packers are now on the clock with the 5th pick in the NFL Draft:

My Choice is: A.J. Hawk, OLB, Ohio St.

You now have 24 hours to make your choices and please make a comment. I will use a randomly selected comment for each pick.

Jay Cutler, QB, Vanderbilt was voted the pick for the Jets at number 4.

BJSim 02-08-2006 08:37 PM

RE: Pick Number 5!
Green Bay picks D. Furgusson

If he drops this far then Green Bay needs to pick him up to protect thier young QB Aaron Rogers. They could always use an OLB like Hawk, but that O-Line was bad last year. Plus the D was still in the top ten.

turbo_dog 02-08-2006 09:51 PM

RE: Pick Number 5!
Packers take Hawk here. They just hope at least one of the top four running backs stays healthy next season, otherwise they would take Deangelo Williams.

A.J. Hawk, LB - Ohio State

TheDeuce 02-09-2006 12:27 AM

RE: Pick Number 5!
D'Brickashaw Ferguson. This guy is a guaranteed top 5 pick. No way he slips down any lower. Packers shore up an injury-riddled line with the #1 OT in several years.

FanNJ 02-09-2006 08:15 AM

RE: Pick Number 5!
D'Brickashaw Ferguson. Starts with the O line. Although if he is gone in the top 4 then Deangelo Williams, as their backfield was riddled with injury

zachsaints52 02-09-2006 10:42 AM

RE: Pick Number 5!
But they have Green with that big salary, so Hawk for me. Him and Barnett will be a good tandem

fhs623 02-09-2006 11:07 AM

RE: Pick Number 5!
aj hawk

LivnaLieTimay 02-09-2006 03:36 PM

RE: Pick Number 5!
Gotta go with D'Brickashaw Ferguson. The guy will start right away and make an immediate impact protecting a new, young qb and creating holes for their rb's. Brick is a sure fire top 5 pick, the packers should be extremely happy if he falls to them at #5.

jrmllb 02-09-2006 06:27 PM

RE: Pick Number 5!
AJ Hawk

The LB position continues to be an area always needing to be addressed league wide...No different in GB...O-Line not needed if they resign their vets...They got better toward the end of the Samkon Gado?

MordorIV 02-09-2006 07:39 PM

RE: Pick Number 5!
AJ Hawk

Wish the saints would trade down for this guy. We have been
talking about LB for years now, he would
be a great addition, but the packers benifit from everyone else's mistake.

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