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CheramieIII 02-12-2006 07:20 PM

Pick number 9!
The Lions are now on the clock with the 8th pick in the NFL Draft:

My Choice is: Eric Winston, OT, Miami

You now have 24 hours to make your choices and please make a comment. I will use a randomly selected comment for each pick.

Haloti Ngata, DT, Oregon was voted the pick for the Bills at number 8.

TheDeuce 02-12-2006 07:53 PM

RE: Pick number 9!
Jimmy Williams, DC, Virginia Tech

The Lions would like to correct their QB problems, but seeing as how Leinart, Young, and Cutler are already off the board; the Lions look to upgrade their secondary with the best all-around defensive back in the draft who can play not only both corners, but free safety as well.

LivnaLieTimay 02-12-2006 08:09 PM

RE: Pick number 9!
Detriot takes Mario Williams, DE, NC State. Williams is drawing a lot of comparisons to Julius Peppers because of his speed and strength. The Lions need help at defensive end and if Williams is still there he would be impossible to pass up.

turbo_dog 02-12-2006 11:01 PM

RE: Pick number 9!
No question they take defense. If Williams is the highest rated DE on their board, that's who they take. I still like Tamba Hali, though.

Lions - DE Mario Williams DE NCstate.

turbo_dog 02-12-2006 11:02 PM

RE: Pick number 9!
Hey Cherm.

Could you put a list of all the previous picks in the first post for each selection? My memory ain't what it used to be.

maximkat 02-13-2006 10:08 AM

RE: Pick number 9!
sorry double post

maximkat 02-13-2006 10:08 AM

RE: Pick number 9!
DE Mario Williams NCstate

BJSim 02-13-2006 11:21 AM

RE: Pick number 9!
I think, like most poeple on this one, the Lions need D-line help, and Williams is the best player on the board...

Detroit picks DE Mario Williams N.C. State

CheramieIII 02-13-2006 07:12 PM

RE: Pick number 9!
Detroit takes Mario Williams, DE NC State with the 9th pick.

hagan714 02-15-2006 08:56 AM

RE: Pick number 9!
Jimmy Williams, CB, Virginia Tech

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