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BlackandBlue 04-27-2006 02:03 PM

my keeper league draft
Fellow football experts-

my keeper league rookie draft will be coming up shortly, and I am currently sitting on the 6th overall pick. I have not been able to trade up from that position, as much as I would like to, so I'm hoping that once my turn comes around, that I could get some input from you gents.

If I had to rank the positions, as far as impact on your team, it would be the following:

1. RB/DE- premium
2. WR/LB
3. TE/S/QB
4. CB
5. DT/OL

of course, my largest areas of need would be RB and DE; at running back I currently have S. Alexander, A. Green, R. Moats, M. Moore, and D. Staley. At defensive end, I currently have B. Fisher, J. Kearse, C. Kelsay, R. Mathis, M. Spears, and A. Weaver.

my lowest need by far is QB: M. Vick, B. Roethlisberger, P. Rivers, and C. Frye, and Orton, who is about to be cut, to make room on my roster.

If anyone would like to assist, I would love to hear your opinions. I will have 24 hours to make my selection, once the time comes, and I will post the results of the draft up to that point.

Thank you


fhs623 04-27-2006 03:59 PM

RE: my keeper league draft
I would go with either cadillac williams or ronnie brown. Brown, if I had to choose between the two.

BlackandBlue 04-27-2006 08:47 PM

RE: my keeper league draft
they went through last year's draft. gotta be kids coming out this year, only. keeper leagues don't redraft every year, or at least this one doesn't. i did manage to get dan morgan through free agency ;)

zachsaints52 04-28-2006 01:47 PM

RE: my keeper league draft
Robert Mathis will be a beast this year, good job on getting him. I would try and get another DE though, because Kearse isn't fully what he used to be, and none of the others step out much.

BlackandBlue 05-01-2006 11:26 AM

RE: my keeper league draft
Would love to, which is easier said than done. My only hope is that Tamba Hali falls to me at the 6th pick. right now, I have them graded as such.
1. Reggie Bush
2. Mario Williams
3. Joseph Addai
4. Tamba Hali
5. DeAngelo Williams
6. Vernon Davis

I'll be happy if I walk away with any of these, but with Winslow on the roster, I would prefer to draft a DE or RB with my #1, and hold off and grab another TE in the later rounds.

BlackandBlue 05-08-2006 06:57 PM

RE: my keeper league draft
ok, we're waiting on the 5th overall selection, and then it will be my turn. I have it narrowed down to 3-

Mario Williams, DeAngelo Williams, and Tamba Hali (only if Mario is gone by the time I pick).

The draft so far:
1. Reggie Bush
2. A.J. Hawk
3. Laurence Maroney
4. Joseph Addai
5. up to bat
6. me

I'd take DeAngelo, but I don't know enough about him, outside what i read in the papers. Has anybody seen this kid???

BlackandBlue 05-08-2006 07:31 PM

RE: my keeper league draft
nevermind, guy took Vince Young. :|

I took Super Mario :D

pakowitz 05-09-2006 07:57 AM

RE: my keeper league draft

BlackandBlue 05-09-2006 01:13 PM

RE: my keeper league draft
Round 1 results

1. Reggie Bush
2. A.J. Hawk
3. Laurence Maroney
4. Joseph Addai
5. Vince Young
6. Mario Williams- me
7. LenDale White
8. Vernon Davis
9. Jay Cutler
10. DeAngelo Williams
11. Ernie Sims
12. Matt Lienart

suprised by the QB's selected this early........

wheelman 05-09-2006 03:08 PM

RE: my keeper league draft

You should have gone with Williams. He is going to be a very good running back. Thankfully enough for him, he was drafted by a good team.

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