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strato 03-31-2010 03:17 PM

N/S ..Texas Pro Day
Texas Longhorns Pro Day: Did Earl Thomas Just Run His Way into the Top 10? | Bleacher Report

strato 03-31-2010 03:20 PM

Re: N/S ..Texas Pro Day
NFL Live ..thinks McCoy would be perfect for the Saints ...Says he's just like Drew and Payton would make a really good QB out of him...i tend to agree..but i dont know where we could take him ...????

Srgt. Hulka 03-31-2010 03:34 PM

Re: N/S ..Texas Pro Day
He'll be gone before we get our first pick.

Rugby Saint II 03-31-2010 03:43 PM

Re: N/S ..Texas Pro Day
It's too early to bring in a college replacement....hopefully Drew has several more great years ahead of him. A solid veteran for the next 2-3 years might be the way to go. Then start looking for replacement out of college that fits Paytons Profile.

stockman311 03-31-2010 03:53 PM

Re: N/S ..Texas Pro Day
3:44PM ETComment Print Email Share By Todd McShay, Scouts Inc.AUSTIN, Texas -- If Brett Favre were to run a pro day workout chances are it would unfold much like Colt McCoy's on-campus showcase did. McCoy was loose and and comfortable, high-fiving his college teammates and generally having fun, and he is clearly not buying into the pressure of the draft process.

The large group of media, scouts and other NFL team personnel in attendance saw some positives on the field as well. McCoy showed pinpoint timing and accuracy on short throws and led his receivers well in those situations. He also looked good throwing fade routes and other touch passes that allowed him to put some air under the ball and let his receivers run under it. McCoy was also very accurate throwing on the run to both his left and right.

There were some negatives as well, particularly McCoy's inaccuracy on intermediate throws. The ball fluttered and was a bit off target when he had to put zip on deep in routes, deep out routes and comeback routes. His is not nearly as polished on those throws because he seems to gear up and overcompensate when trying to push the ball down the field, and that is the biggest difference right now between McCoy and Sam Bradford.

And don't forget, McCoy is only 6-foot-1. His height was obviously not a problem during his pro day but is is something to consider. Add that limitation to his struggles on deeper throws and his problems when trying to anticipate breaks and passing windows, and McCoy's best fit is clearly in a west coast offense that will mask his weaknesses and maximize his quickness and ability to move within and outside the pocket when the play breaks down.

Overall it was a good day for McCoy and there are certainly plenty of teams that like his skill set, and his reputation as the ultimate leader and a guy who loves the game carries a lot of weight as well. After studying plenty of film we do not project him in the first two rounds, but taking into account his intangibles and ability to fit into systems similar to those run in New Orleans, Washington and Philadelphia, McCoy will likely come off the board higher than his grade would indicate.

We're not saying McCoy will become the next Drew Brees, but he can certainly be successful in the right system under the right coach. His pro day went well on the whole and the six private workouts he has scheduled in Austin -- including one with St. Louis -- and the handful of team visits he has scheduled give him plenty more chances to solidify his stock and lock down his status.

Other workouts
S Earl Thomas -- We like the closing speed Thomas shows on film and his 4.35-second 40-yard dash seemed to confirm that, but most of the players who worked out in Austin improved their 40 times significantly and one NFL general manager in attendance told me teams would likely add close to a tenth of a second to the times to account for the difference.

Thomas might not get as much boost as expected from that time, and he also tweaked his hamstring at the end of the run and did not take part in the rest of the workout. However, he did post a vertical jump in the high 30-inch range and did nothing to hurt his first-round grade.

OLB Sergio Kindle -- He checked in at 6-3 and 249 pounds and could easily add 10 more pounds to his frame. Kindle kept his impressive workout numbers from the combine but did take part in linebacker drills and looked good.

He showed very quick feet and the fluid hips to play on the outside in a 3-4 scheme, and we were surprised by the ball skills he showed when making a pair of tough catches over his head. He fits the New England/San Diego mold of taller outside linebackers who come off the edge with a vengeance and can also drop into coverage on occasion, and his stock remains in the mid-to-late first round.

DT Lamarr Houston -- Houston has helped himself as much as any other prospect during the draft process. He had a great Senior Bowl week and ran the 40 in 4.89 at the combine after checking in at 6-2 and 305 pounds. Houston was down to 300 for his pro day and looked quick, showing good initial burst and quickness during position drills.

He carries his weight well, has a quick spin move and good change-of-direction skills for his size. Overall, Houston's game is a perfect fit for a quick, penetrating defense like those in Indianapolis and Tampa Bay, perhaps as early as the second round.

WR Jordan Shipley -- Shipley also made an improvement in his 40 time -- going from 4.60 at the combine to 4.55 on campus -- and showed off his hands and precise routes while catching passes during McCoy's workout. He has some return experience and could become an effective slot receiver in the NFL, and Shipley currently carries a late-third round grade.

strato 03-31-2010 04:01 PM

Re: N/S ..Texas Pro Day
Theres some nice talent coming out of U.T this year ..i got a feeling we grab some....

strato 03-31-2010 04:02 PM

Re: N/S ..Texas Pro Day
All i can say about Colt he's a winner..just like Drew...

stockman311 03-31-2010 05:41 PM

Re: N/S ..Texas Pro Day
No, Drew Brees has won a Superbowl. Colt McCoy didn't even win a national championship. Putting the two in the same sentence is ridiculous.

strato 03-31-2010 05:45 PM

Re: N/S ..Texas Pro Day
No its ok..Colt won lots of games..

stockman311 03-31-2010 05:51 PM

Re: N/S ..Texas Pro Day
I heard a funny story that one of his teammates told him to shut the F up in the locker room when he went on one of his many Jesus trips at halftime. Sounds like the return of Jon Kitna to me.

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