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ikenyon 04-01-2012 11:28 PM

Sideline Scouting Seven Round Mock
Over at Sideline Scouting we released a seven round mock draft today with explanations for every first round pick. Scroll over the tab “mock draft results” to see specific results for the Saints. Tabs towards the top of each page to scroll through each round.

Sideline Scouting - 2012 Mock Draft - 1st Round

What do you guys think of the picks we gave New Orleans?

A few surprise picks, I know. But the NFL Draft is always a surprise. Overall thoughts?

FinSaint 04-17-2012 04:36 AM

Round 3 pick #89 - Nigel Bradham (LB-Florida State)
Round 4 pick #122 - Tyrone Crawford (DE-Boise State)
Round 5 pick #162 - Michael Harris (CB-Florida State)
Round 6 pick #179 - Tydreke Powell (DT-North Carolina)
Round 7 pick #234 - Sean Cattouse (S-California)

I really don't know these college players that well, so I can't really comment on how well these guys would fit into what the Saints are looking to do going forward.

But if they were to be chosen by the Saints' FO I'd have no doubt that they're good players and consequently good picks.

Still, you guys have Ronnell Lewis going to Atlanta with the #84 pick - I'd hope that if he drops that far down the board, he'd drop a little further still and that the Saints would pick him with the #89 pick.

Then you have Derek Wolfe going to Baltimore with the #130 pick - I'd like the Saints to pick him instead with the #122 pick since he's versatile enough to play both DE and DT, which would be good in Spags' schemes.

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