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JOESAM2002 10-10-2007 07:00 PM

A new twist for T. Owens......
At least he's thinking to do something new.....

Suddenly talk-less T.O. tries new tactic: a note in place of talking - NFL - Yahoo! Sports

LongTimeFan 10-11-2007 08:30 PM

Re: A new twist for T. Owens......
I read that too, but I'm sure T.O will act up during the game and will have a lot to say after the game, especially if he doesn't get the ball enough and the Cowboys lose the game, the drama is coming with T.O, it's just when will it begin, right now things look good for Dallas but if they lose two in a row the drama will begin, you can almost bet on it..

lewpac 10-11-2007 11:15 PM

Re: A new twist for T. Owens......
No, you're WISHING for it. It won't happen. For several reasons as follows....

1. Wins, loss's or not, he FINALLY feels wanted in Dallas. Read his bio and his story. He's like a child in this way. When he doesn't feel "wanted" or "important", he throws his fits. Philly was winning, and winning big when he was there, but felt "dissed". That's what set him "off".

2. His relationship with the QB: Romo is the first "kid" QB he's ever played with. Garcia in SF and McNubb in Philly were either older than him or he felt "second fiddle" to them. He sees himself as an "uncle" and teacher to Romo, given Romo's youth and kid-like style. Owens found his place with Romo as the "senior" member of THAT duo, and he likes that.

3. Give credit where credit is due. Every Dallas hater and T.O. hater (of which there is no shortage) were salivating to see the chaos and destruction in Dallas when this "marraige" was announced. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE TO A MAN predicted the soap opera and "drama" that would be Dallas/T.O./Jerry Jones. So far, all of these "predictors of doom" have been disappointed. T.O. had a moment or two last year under Parcells, but bye-and-large the "explosion" has been just a "phzzzzz" with T.O. in Dallas.

4. Maturity: Even T.O. knows that he's getting older with no Ring. He knows that the stunts he pulled in SF and Philly won't fly in Dallas. And if it DOES, his days in the NFL are numbered after this. This is his last stop and even HE knows it. He also knows that he got a HUGE MULLIGAN by getting this chance in Dallas after all his theatrics. He's crazy. He's unpredictable. He's a "loose cannon". But he ain't THAT dumb to blow this last chance.

5. The "Stage". He won't EVER replace the "Stage" he has in Dallas. He covets the "Stage". He lives for the "Stage". He ain't going anywhere, and he ain't going to do anything to push him out of Dallas. Love the Cowboys or hate 'em, you don't get a bigger "Stage" than Dallas. If he's shown the door in Dallas, where's he gonna' go? Oakland? Houston? Seattle? Arizona? Miami?
The Colts and the Pats wouldn't have him if he blows it in Dallas by losing his mind. So where's he gonna' go? Buffalo? Cleveland? The Redskins?
See what I'm saying here? He's just simply NOT THAT STUPID!!!!

You got your hands full with the problems in New Orleans. Don't waste your time dreaming up gremlins in Dallas about Terrell Owens. Don't invent a problem where one doesn't exist. You got the No. 2 overall pick in the draft and your star player about to be stripped of his collegiate awards because of $250,000.00 in graft. Talk about THAT if you need to talk about a problem player or a soap opera. After that, talk about 0-4 the year after going to the NFC Championship game. Just lay off T.O. and Dallas. We're doing just fine over here..................

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