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BooBirdSaint 11-16-2007 08:04 AM

2006 Draft Revised
A look back at '06 NFL draft: Williams, then Bush, then Young | - Houston Chronicle

"Draft picks are made using foresight. Some good (DeMeco Ryans is a steal in the second round), some bad (Reggie Bush is the next Gale Sayers)."

"Bush, who went No. 2 behind Williams, refused to answer a question about why he hasn't had a huge rushing performance for the Saints — he has just one 100-yard day in 25 games — but the draft question put him in a better mood.

"What kind of question is that? Who wouldn't pick (him)self first if he had the opportunity?" the Saints running back said, laughing.

The man the Texans chose, Mario Williams, chuckles at the question as well. Of course, he thinks the Texans made the right pick."

Sour grapes... The Texans screwed up choosing Williams over Bush and Young.

Reggie will show them Sunday!!! (Please dear God)

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