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SapperSaint 01-16-2008 09:48 AM

Who will you be rooting for?????
Who indeed?

Do you pull for the Veteran/Mississippian/an absolute joy to watch play the game Brett Favre?


Do you pull for the Young/LA Native/Archies youngest boy who has been BLASTED by everyone and labeled "He ain't no Payten" Eli Manning?

Heard WWL ask this question last night and it is a tough one to answer. It's a very hard question indeed. I have USM ties to Farve and Saints ties to Eli.

I really want to see Brett beat a team that is "unbeatable" and truly be "The Best of All Time".... but would also like to see Eli emerge from the shadows and become the QB he is capiable of becoming.

Just wondering what's your thought. Because to tell you the truth, I still don't know who to pull for. I guess I will be happy for who ever wins and sad for who ever loses.

Turbo Saint 01-16-2008 10:35 AM

Re: Who will you be rooting for?????
i want the chargers to win...can't stand brett favre. went to his native school HNC elementary and met him on some day about him, then he came to the bridges golf course i worked at...and both times he was a wanker...can't stand the guy and everyone acts like he's nice...pffft, biggest sports jerk i've met.

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