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strato 12-10-2009 10:22 PM

N/S Josh Cribbs !!!
He beat the ...he's worth 10 million a yr...

CantonLegend 12-11-2009 01:22 AM

Re: N/S Josh Cribbs !!!

Originally Posted by strato (Post 182796)
He beat the ...he's worth 10 million a yr...

underrated around the league

many people talk about the best returners in the league and they completely leave out cribbs.....a former QB for the Kent State Golden Flashes plays WR, flash package QB(wildcat), and punt/kick returner

cribbs is one of the fastest players in the league and has a skill set that is completely unmatched by almost anyone in the league

he can play nearly any skill position and has done all of them suprisingly well considering the terrible team that he is on

if there is a bright spot for the browns......its josh cribbs

RealDeal37 12-11-2009 07:45 AM

Re: N/S Josh Cribbs !!!

Originally Posted by strato (Post 182796)
He beat the ...he's worth 10 million a yr...

Me, probably you & anyone else with just a lil bit of sence would SAY: (Pay the man)!!!

NOW, here's the SAD part & YES, it's pretty SAD none the least... Mark my word's, I hate to even have to say it: (They will end up TRADING him to try & get 2-3 player's for 1)... You watch & see!!!


Cleveland actually has a decent "BUILDING BLOCK" to go off of & START with...
1) Cribb's... (RB/KR/PR/ Hell, Every damn thing, lol)
2) Massaqua... (WR)~(It's a start'n point)
3) B. Quinn... (QB)~(He's actually a good QB. They need to build around him & it'll all fall in place, if done correctly)

They have a great "START'N POINT" & have 3 top priority player's to build off of. Build a decent "Off. Line & Deff. Line" & go from there... They DEFFINITLY have the POTENTIAL... (Anyone who has just half of any football sence would agree & see that)...

{{Now, it's just up to them to BUILD & PUSH forward!!!

As for me though... Who Dat ~ Geaux $a!nt'z ~ (#1)
"Can ya smell it"??? "I CAN"... 13-0, here we come!!! Wut Wut!!!

ScottF 12-11-2009 08:33 AM

Re: N/S Josh Cribbs !!!
Kent is well represented in the league now- Cribbs, Edelman, Harrison, Usama, oh yeah, Gates and 5-6 others

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