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QBREES9 12-15-2009 12:05 AM

A little piece of Ryan Leaf was on the field yesterday
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I'm into nostalgia. No matter how interesting and awesome the NFL might be right now, I still like to take time to think about the greats of yesteryear. Like Ryan Leaf, for example.
Leaf hasn't been on the field for a while, but he's been in our hearts and in our court system. Yesterday, though, if it felt like you were feeling a little bit of the old Leaf magic, you weren't mistaken. Keith Null(notes), who quarterbacked West Texas A&M during Ryan Leaf's tenure there as quarterback coach, saw his first NFL action yesterday with the Rams.
After being drafted, Null said of Leaf:
"Coach Leaf was a great guy. He just knows the game. As everyone knows, he tore it up. That was his thing. So it was great to have him around, have that experience and he really taught me a lot. Its great to have somebody who's done it and whos been successful at it. It was a blessing to have him there."
Null started in place of the injured Kyle Boller(notes), and he really lit up the stat columns, especially the one labeled "INT." He had five of those. Outside of that, he completed 27 of 43 attempts for 157 yards and a touchdown. He did manage to hit 9 different receivers, though.
Oh, and his team lost 47-7. That's the part I consider "the old Leaf magic."
My dream scenario here is for Null to eventually win the Rams starting quarterback job, turn the franchise around, have a brilliant career, and be elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Then, of course, he will ask Ryan Leaf to deliver his induction speech, and Leaf will use that time to scream at the San Diego media, call Bobby Beathard unrepeatable names, whack at the Peyton Manning(notes) bust with an axe, and sneak his own wood-carved bust into the Hall of Fame and superglue it to the floor. Everybody wins.

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