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Choupique 01-23-2010 07:54 PM

ViagraQueens Can't Get It Up
The Vikes can't handle this much mojo.

We are really healthy. They are banged up. If the VYqueens were better than us we'd be playing in MinnieSoooooota. They are known to have fumblitis. Heck, APeterSON leads the league in dropping the damn ball if I ain't mistaken. He is way up there I know.

The Vikes brag about their D line... well our O line is pretty damn good too.
How many times has Cool Brees been sacked all season? Not that many.

Our recievers are better. Running BACKs...our whole damn STABLE of running backs are very, very good. Coach Payton held Reggie back this season for a reason. You see how good he looked against the Cardinals? That isn't a fluke.

His playoff performance was premeditated. He is expected to turn it on and he proved he is capable, time and time again.

Does anyone think the Vikings are stupid enough to punt it to Reggie anymore? We shall see.

Vikings 13
You heard it here. We are gonna filet some mullet.

Recall the game where we kicked Tom Brady's ass? Kinda like that.

Watch every time Pierre Thomas, Mike Bell, REG-GIE! or Hamilton touch the ball. Look for fiyo on the bayou.

NOLA54 01-23-2010 08:43 PM

Re: ViagraQueens Can't Get It Up
How do we know they are not exatrating their injuries. Too soon to celebrate.

Choupique 01-23-2010 09:36 PM

Re: ViagraQueens Can't Get It Up
They are banged up. I'm referring to the players they'll have on the field above and beyond their bogus injury report.

Asswhupin. Just like the Patriot shellacking. You heard it here. Most are predicting a close game. I am not. I truly think the Saints will kick MinnieSooooota's ass. No debate.

9thWardDesire 01-24-2010 01:38 AM

Re: ViagraQueens Can't Get It Up

Originally Posted by NOLA54 (Post 197116)
How do we know they are not exatrating their injuries. Too soon to celebrate.

Remember, D-Ware was on a stretcher in the San Diego game. Days later, vs the Saints, he's wearing a horse collar and he suddenly morphed into Lawrence Taylor. I won't buy THAT for a dollar! Not even half a penny!!

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