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QBREES9 02-21-2010 08:45 PM

Melvin Bullitt gives his AFC title ring to his dad
I didn't even know that they made conference championship rings. And all these years, I'd been worrying that Jim Kelly had a substandard jewelry collection.
Colts safety Melvin Bullitt(notes) is making the sweet gesture of giving the ring to his dad, writes Philip B. Wilson of Melvin's dad played college football and two weeks of preseason ball with the Redskins before injuries forced him to retire.
But he did instill in Melvin a love of football, and the two shared a lovely moment in the stands after Melvin's Colts beat the Jets in the AFC championship game. Now Melvin's giving him the ring, too.
But let's not make a Hallmark movie out of it just yet. It's not quite as emotional as Old Man Billingsley putting his state championship ring on his son Don's finger. I kind of hope that Melvin's dad didn't read this part of the article, but Melvin sort of doesn't want the ring. That seems to take a little steam out of the grand gesture.
[...] rather than dwell on a Super Bowl XLIV loss to New Orleans on Feb. 7, the third-year pro is giving the AFC ring to his father, Jerry.
"I decided that after we lost," Bullitt said Wednesday, in reference to the 31-17 defeat in Miami. "It was really more about how I don't want to accept the fact we didn't reach our goal.
"Each day, it eats at me. Every day. It crosses my mind every day."
"So here you go, dad. I want you to have this ring, because I know it would mean so much to you. And also, I can't stand to look at it."
But you guys know me, I'm an eternal optimist and spreader of love. I'm choosing to look at it as a sweet and emotional story. And it sounds like Melvin Bullitt is appropriately motivated for another championship run, should he be back with the Colts next season.

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