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QBREES9 11-14-2010 10:18 PM

I hate the bye week
The Saints bye week is even worse when itís later in the year. Why? It means Thanksgiving is fast approaching and football season is closer to the finish than the beginning. This is awful. Letís be honest the Hornets might be 7-0 but no one really cares. I like most of you only begin to pay attention to the Hornets once the Saints stop playing. Donít try and deny it, Iíve seen the Hornets attendance figures.
So as we head into the bye week the future of Sundays without football has appeared over the horizon and suddenly I realize I wonít have an excuse to not get off the couch on the weekends. Thinking about the end of football just makes me cry even more than I already do. Letís just get to this weekís picks.

Last Week: 4-1
Season 30-15

*30-15 against the spread is insane and if gambling was legal this would be THE GREATEST SEASON EVER.

New York Giants (-14) vs. Dallas: How absolutely delicious is the Cowboys downward spiral? I read on some sports blogs where Ďrealí football fans are upset that the Cowboys will be in primetime games the rest of the year. They want games with playoff implications. I canít disagree more. Watching the Packers dismember the Cowboys last Sunday night was like a great dessert after a tremendous dinner.
The beating will be a little lighter this week as the interim coach always gives a team a short term boost. Is Jon Kitna still the Dallas QB? Jon Kitna is still the Dallas QB. No further explanation needed.
Giants 28-10

Baltimore (+1) at Atlanta: Thursday night football! Is it bad for players to play just four days after killing themselves on Sunday? Yes it does. Playersí health and coaches having to work 22 hours a day instead of 21 is a small price to make our Thursdaysí special.

As for the game I know Matt Ryan is 17-1 at home but eventually the mediocre Falcon defense will be exposed. Joe Flacco and his unibrow is just the man to do it.

Ravens 26-23

St. Louis (+6) at San Francisco: The 49ers arenít any good. They didnít play last week so youíve forgotten just how poorly coached they are. When the Rams are up 17-0 in the 2nd quarter youíll remember.

Rams 23-10

Chicago (+1) vs. Minnesota: This week I was watching ĎThe Millionaire Matchmakerí with my wife. Basic plot of show is woman sets up millionaires on dates and yells at them for then acting horrible on the dates. At the end of the show there is as always the update saying the people she set up on dates never went out again. Clearly this woman is terrible at her job so why do people pay her huge sums of money trying to find them love? I feel the same way about Brad Childress and Lovie Smith. Childress must be a special kind of bad as players openly hate him and when the Bears crush the Vikings Minnesota will have a new coach on Monday. Brett Favre will follow up his 400 yard game with a four interception master piece then text Peter King telling him another bone in his ankle is broken and he fought through pneumonia and scoliosis just to play then Peter will write 1200 words explaining how heroic it was.
Bears 34-13
Cleveland (+3) vs. New York Jets: My feisty Browns are on a roll. The Colt McCoy bandwagon is filling up and you might expect it to crash this week against the Jets but it wonít. Marc Sanchez isnít very good and hasnít improved much. The McCoy bandwagon rolls on until it crashes and burns next week in Jacksonville.
Cleveland 24-13

saintsfan601 11-14-2010 11:44 PM

2 - 2-1 not so bad you just lose the juice is all.

saintsfan601 11-14-2010 11:46 PM

Quick question.Why did you post this after the games?

Choupique 11-18-2010 03:37 AM


I hate the bye week
Yea, I tend to watch less football during the Saints bye week but I betcha the players like the healing time.

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