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OldMaid 11-21-2010 08:48 PM

Is the NFL-Nat.Farve League over...yet?
Favre tunes out offensive coordinator, throws season away - Shutdown Corner - NFL* - Yahoo! Sports

Really,when is the Vikings organization going to put an end to having this man, this self-centered SOB , playing QB and have him take a seat.
Better yet would be to tell him to go home.
Can you imagine being a player on the Vikings? Your career is being held up by Farve.
You are only working to add to his career stats.
What gives? The other guys on the team just have to sit and hope some of the old magic of 30 yr.old Farve comes back?
Coach Bill C? The other coaches? They have to have their careers held up by Farve?
The onwers of the team don't care about losing and as you can see, giving games away.

Many of us here said that last year was his last. HE should have left the buliding then as a winner , leave on a high note. We said this would happen.

On NFL Network tonight, Deion and the other guys were pretty honest and just stated the facts that Farve needs to go .

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