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GeauxForMore 12-28-2010 03:40 PM

Reggie Bush
I know Reggie isn't going to rush for 1,000 yards or anything. But you keep hearing how important he is to the O. I say give him the ball a lil bit more. I remember on monday night he had a screen and a run where he got bottled up in the backfield. He had some good blitz pickups, but we're paying him 8 mil this year. Give him the ball a lil bit more. At least 5-10 touches per game.

Cory9289 12-28-2010 03:56 PM

It's kinda of sad. Every time he gets the ball, the o-line falls apart or nobody is blocking.

GeauxForMore 12-28-2010 04:23 PM

I think we have the same problem as the colts. Our o line can pass block very well but can't run block worth a damn

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