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SmashMouth 01-20-2011 09:04 AM

Standing Super Bowl Tickets ... merely $200?
NFL to charge people $200 to stand outside Super Bowl stadium - Shutdown Corner - NFL* - Yahoo! Sports

So you gotta buy tickets just to stand outside the stadium now ... and in minimum lots of four?

lol..... C'mon Jerry...

Srgt. Hulka 01-20-2011 09:40 AM

As much as i would have loved for the Saints to go to back to back Superbowls, bull**** like this, in a way, makes me glad we're not part of that insanity circus in Dallas.

niteadept 01-20-2011 09:43 AM

It's Jerry's World. What a DB. And if the Saints were in the Super Bowl, everyone knows that the real party would still be in New Orleans, just like last year.

Luda34 01-20-2011 11:24 AM

That's the dummies s*%t in the world you have to pay $200 to stand outside to watch the game. What is this world coming to. The bad thing about it people is going to do it and watch there team. As much as i wanted the Saints to go back to the Superbowl my mother in law stay about 5 miles from Cowgirl staduim and I stay in Houston but I would rather go back to New Orleans and party with my family than go watch a game outside that billion dollar shack. Dum a$$es

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