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9thWardDesire 02-25-2011 12:48 PM

Caption This...

"Oh say can you see, by the star spa-early, li.... Awwwhawww, I messed up the National Anthem!! OMG! I can't believe I forgot all the words and I'm gonna get deported. My label is gonna drop me and I won't get another deal, again!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!"

st thomas 02-25-2011 12:53 PM

i'm gonna woop my agent's assre for making me to the anthum, damit i told him i'm hispanic. how bout the sinko the mayo clown.

9thWardDesire 02-25-2011 01:06 PM

CHRISTINA AGUILERA: "Do any of you Saints fans still have those bags?"
SAINTS FAN: "Sorry, we gave them to the Falcon fans"
CHRISTINA AGUILERA: "WAAAAAH!! How am I gonna hide my shame? I messed up the freakin' National Anthem!!"
SAINTS FAN: "To quote the great Colin Cowherd, 'That's not my problem, that is a YOU problem.'"

Choupique 02-26-2011 03:35 AM

I like Patsy Cline.

papz 02-26-2011 08:15 AM

Man she put on some weight... look at that pouch.

She might have dropped something on the floor.

9thWardDesire 02-26-2011 01:53 PM

RANDOM FAN: "Isn't that Cyndi Lauper?"

WhoDat!656 02-26-2011 06:05 PM

"I knew I should have taken a ExLax last night!"

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