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WhoDat!656 06-20-2011 06:36 AM

These guys are in deep kimshee
NFL investigating players' involvement with casino - NFL -

Saint_LB 06-20-2011 07:16 AM


This is kinda weird to me...and here's why. I recently traveled to the Atlanta area...actually Gainesville, Ga...and I had to pass through Alabama. I saw signs and remember wondering how long they had been gambling in Alabama. I thought it was an Indian reservation, though.

Is there anyone here who as info on this. How long have they been gambling in Alabama?

WhoDat!656 06-20-2011 08:17 AM

I was working in the Talledega area in the early spring when the Alabama State Police raided the casinos mentioned in the article.

I have kept up with it since I left there.

WhoDat!656 06-20-2011 08:21 AM

Correction: I haven't kept up with it since I left there.

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