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SaintPauly 11-08-2011 05:51 PM

NFL Teams back to "Teams"
I have seen major changes in the make up of the NFL, in the past decade. Owners, and coaches, seem to be done with the "me first players", and are showing it by not signing them, or cutting them from the ranks. It's very refreshing to see the NFL returning to the "team" concept, instead of the ego-tystical, loud mouthed, LOOK AT ME players.... Haynesworth, cut... T.O. still not signed.... Moss, not signed, retired... The age of the star player is coming to a close, and I for one, am very happy to see it go.

Fleured 11-10-2011 10:47 AM

....although Cam seems to constantly apologize and "say the right thing" that he is the reason Carolina is where they are. He has to improve his game play so the team can win more games. Sorry Cam, you are doing all you can. His "woe is the team's plight because I can't throw for 680 yards instead of 420" or "I should have run for 170 instead of just 115" routine gets a little.....predictable and thin. Everyone understands his gift of leadership. But if he wants to be a leader, why doesn't he hold a meeting with the Carolina defense and tell them to stop some people? That way, he doesn't have to compete with Aaron Rodgers for season stats (...and actually run the ball more which I'm sure would be to the RBs liking) and no one will have to hear his played-out Confiteor speeches as if he is the only person on the staff of the Carolina Panthers organization.

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