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WhoDat!656 11-15-2011 07:10 PM

Want some guv'ment cheese with that whine?
All in all that was a very rough game. I hate losing to nobody more than I do those sorry guys. They even took a picture on the bird at the 50 yard line after the game again. My message is clear: I really really despise the Saints. But we have to be honest, they are a very good team, we played them down to the wire, and in the end we beat ourselves. Iím not even going to go into the whole Mike Smith overtime situation, because that was simply a debacle. The bright shining light is the schedule for the rest of the season is very easy, and we get another shot at the Saints. So strap in Falcons fans, root for your team. Letís hope they win all the games they should, the Lions lose as many games as possible, Julio Jones recovers his health, and we can go down to New Orleans on December 26, and dance on that crusty nasty fleur de lis.

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halloween 65 11-15-2011 07:43 PM

Yeah, strap in Falcon fans it's only going to get worst, I smell a dead Falcon in the dome. There will be NO dancing in the dome for the clowns, espiecially on the fleur de lis. I guess this clown never had a Louisiana a$$ whoopin'. For all I care they can have 2 a$$ whoopin's on Dec.26., it would be a late Christmas gift.

SaintsBro 11-16-2011 02:08 PM

I have a feeling their offense is going to look very different when they come down here in December, with the Dome crowd in full throat and the Falcons fans, talk radio and media looking over Mike Smith's shoulder and second-guessing him every time he lines up and tries to go for it on 4th down. The Falcons are not going to be as loose and gun-slinging about 4th down as they used to be with us; they will not be able to extend long drives when they stall, they will burn time outs because of indecision, they will punt more, or miss long field goal tries that were too far away, and they will score less points as a result.

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