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WhoDat!656 12-31-2011 04:28 PM

Reggie Bush buys segways for offensive line.
Dolphins? Reggie Bush Bought Segways For His Offensive Line

Crusader 01-01-2012 03:01 AM

They look pretty happy about it, but man those guys can't dress.

crawgator 01-01-2012 04:01 AM


He's gone he's not here end of story...

95shakinpf 01-09-2012 02:15 AM

I for one am glad Reggie is doing well at Miami and hope for his continued success. Just Not if they play the Saints! My Grandmother would watch EVERY Saints game without fail. She was a TRUE Saints fan for as long as I can remember and Im 42yrs old! Our family will always remember her calling Reggie "her man!" lol.
Whenever he would make a good play she would say "Did y"all see what my man Reggie did?!

RIP Mawmaw Sally (age92). We all miss you!

Danno 01-09-2012 05:40 PM

In an ironic twist, his O-line has discovered that the segways have a tendancy to frequently turn sideways and backwards instead of going forward.

Supporters claim its simply a decoy and the defect is fabricated by those that just hate Segways.

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