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OldMaid 01-02-2012 05:57 PM

Saints firings today? Wow! Comments?
Yes, Saints firings today.
We know the Saints have been doing really well. Yeah, they won that SB , but it was two years ago. They were coming along before then, the SB, and have been still doing well.
I did not know there was trouble with the Saints in that they are the cause of THE INDIANAPOLIS COLTS HAVING TO FIRE THE POLIANS, father son duo of GM and Pres. of the Colts!!:D
Geesch, because the Saints won that SB against the Colts and then the Saints made Peyton have neck nerve surgery, and well, it seems one thing after the other happend in Colts land since the Saints won that SB. I did not know the Saints :bng: were that powerful.
It seems the Colts have just gone downhill since then and the owner, Irsay, is going a lil nutty. Did you see his press conference on NFL Network?

I thought this would be a good place to post this. NFL related thread. I thought if I had posted on Saints fourm, it could have raised a lot blood pressure before anyone read through the joke first.
My idea here of stress reliever untill Saturdays' game.

QBREES9 01-03-2012 12:09 AM

Thats was a shock. COLTS FIRE THE POLIANS

FireVenturi 01-04-2012 08:53 PM

Yea, they must have wanted to go in a different direction than the owner with the first pick.

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