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Saintswrath 01-25-2012 01:22 AM

49ers goat Kyle Williams has been receiving death threats on Twitter
Kyle Williams, the San Francisco 49ers punt returner whose two fumbles helped cost the team a trip to the Super Bowl, has been receiving death threats via Twitter from angry fans.
The San Francisco Gate found multiple tweets written to Williams by angry fans, many of whom suggested what the second-year veteran should do with himself in light of his disastrous playoff performance. One of the messages recommended he jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. Another suggested he "run n2 a bullet." One of the more disturbing tweets mentioned Williams' wife and kids.

MatthewT 01-25-2012 01:47 AM

People need to get a grip on reality. I guarantee there is no worse feeling than what is going inside of Kyle Williams' head right now. For people to post threats regarding him and his family is just a bit much. It is only a football game, and that should be it. I get him being booed, but not him and his family threatened. I seriously hope the few people who did such an ignorant act gets tracked down by authorities and dealt with accordingly.

Mardigras9 01-25-2012 10:09 AM

Did Reggie ever get death threats in NO after all the special teams screw-ups he was responsible for? Funny how Roby didn't get the same reaction from the Saint fans on his turnover.

OldMaid 01-25-2012 06:19 PM

Classy fans over there, huh.
Seriously scary and totally sick.
Those who did this need to in trouble in the law.

OldMaid 01-25-2012 06:39 PM

Giants knew Kyle Williams had concussion problems and targeted his head | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports

There is more to this story than K.Williams fumbling.
He has had 4 concussions.
Giants J.Williams and D. Thomas wanted to take him out of the game. I wish NYG had not publically said that.
Of course, NFL football is a contact sport , but 49's Kyle Willams perhaps should not have been playing or will not make 49's roster for the whole 2012 season.

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