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joker-saint 03-05-2012 01:48 AM

Tampa Bay, Washington, Sanfrancisco, and Newyork Giants targeting Colston in free agency
(Joe Soriano ,Lead editor for Autzen Zoo - An Oregon Ducks Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and more. and staff writer for the general MLB site Call to the Pen - A Major League Baseball Fan Site - News, Blogs, Opinion and More and; FanSided's Tampa Bay Buccaneers site wrote: “After examining the roster, it’s obvious that this team shouldn’t be toying around and signing No. 2 or 3 receivers. All of the receivers who are currently on the roster are inconsistent, and the Bucs are also lacking a deep threat.” Colston is one of the two receivers the Bucs should target. “With the Drew Brees contract situation looming in New Orleans and star guard Carl Nicks set to hit free agency, the Saints might not be able to re-sign Marques Colston. If that happens, then the Tampa Bay Buccaneers could have a gem on their hands in Colston. The Saints will most likely let Nicks walk, but it will be impossible for them to re-sign both of their soon-to-be free agent receivers in Colston and Robert Meachem.” Marques Colston is one of the most sure-handed receivers in the game. In fact, he had the second lowest drop percentage last season according to the Pro Football Focus. While he does not average many yards after the catch, he still manages to stretch the opposition downfield. If Colston was a No. 1 with the Saints, then he can certainly be the feature guy for the Buccaneers.”) ( On the site San Francisco 49ers: Why Marques Colston Is Better Fit Than Mike Wallace | Bleacher Report 44.7% of the fans voted that they would want the niners to pick up Colston in free agency. The niners were just 29.4% on third down conversions which was second to last next to the Raiders. Neworleans was number one in that category at 56.7% with Colston being the main target in those situations. Aaron Schatz from football outsiders put together an article listing the best fits for top free agents and also believes Colstons most beneficial destination would be Sanfrancisco.) (The Washington Redskins are making plans to add a high-profile wide receiver in an NFL free agent market that has them in abundance, according to several people familiar with the team’s deliberations. Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan has publicly acknowledged the team’s need for a big-play wide receiver, and people with knowledge of the Redskins’ plans say they appear to be focusing on the free agent market.)(36.1% of the fans on the Marques Colston Could Be a Fit in New York If Giants Are Willing to Spend | Bleacher Report think that Colston would be a perfect fit for the Giants. If Colstons price tag stay reasonable the Saints could be inclined to retain, but if there is a bidding war teams like Neworleans and Newyork will be less likely to pick him up.)

tazdev454 03-05-2012 10:11 PM

With the abundance of wide receivers in the draft this year I say let Colstan get his money from some other team. While he was a reliable receiver for Drew with good hands, I believe with the new rookie salary cap in place a better deal can be found in the draft. with the receiver corps we all ready have, we could take a flyer on a receiver in the later rounds, kinda like they did with Colston.

QBREES9 03-05-2012 11:31 PM

I really don't want to see him go.

joker-saint 03-06-2012 12:06 AM

As long as an NFC South team doesn't get him I will be fine with him going for bigger money. It would be really nice if the AFC picked him up. I really wouldn't want to have to guard him in a game.

Mardigras9 03-06-2012 11:06 AM


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