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WhoDat!656 03-25-2012 04:21 AM

No wonder the falcAints suck!!
If the falcAinrts coaches and management obsess over the Saints half as much as their fans do, it would explain a lot!

Matt Chernoff from 680 The Fan brought up this conversation on air yesterday. Roger Goodell brought down the hammer on New Orleans for their "Bountygate" scandal, and now the Saints are looking at some very adverse conditions in 2012. Despite all the revelry and elation Falcons fans have shared at the expense of their hated rivals, it could make things worse during the regular season if Atlanta falters.

What exactly does that mean? Mike Smith now has a record of 2-6 against the Saints since he's taken over in Atlanta. They were winless last season against New Orleans, and if they fail to perform well this year, things won't look good.

Our divisional foes have taken a huge hit recently, and it will likely get worse with all the talk of individual player suspensions coming in the future. Jonathan Vilma was one of the main guys mentioned involving the bounties being made. There's no agreement among critics as to how long he'll be out, but a general consensus is that he'll receive a harsh penalty, and so will a few other players.

The Saints won't even have their head coach in 2012. With all this put up against them, the Falcons should be expected to have a good chance of beating NOLA this time around. Obviously Drew Brees and the gang aren't falling off the map completely, but our odds of winning increase with every suspension handed down.

I'm not saying we have to win both matchups this season. The Saints' players have already been talking about how this whole situation builds a fire underneath them, and how much sweeter it will be when they do just as well this year (their words, not mine). Steven Godfrey's article spoke about fear of that whole "us vs. the world" mentality. The Saints are going to be determined to succeed like it was any other season.

If the Falcons get swept, though, it will not look good on Smitty's resume. Fans will certainly be displeased we can't beat a team that's been bruised and beaten by the commissioner. Does that mean Atlanta has more pressure to win now?

What do you guys think? Should we expect an easier contest against the Saints in 2012, or are we anticipating the same amount of competition as always? I don't believe we're all of the sudden 10 point favorites, but I would be very disappointed if we get swept...again.

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SloMotion 03-25-2012 05:45 AM

Counting on an opponent's misfortunes as a means to victory doesn't work. What are the Falcons doing in the offseason to become the better team? Hoping the Saints' suspensions will weaken them enough for ATL to be able to win the Division? That's pretty short-sighted.

They should expect the same amount of competition as always. Since additional player suspensions have yet to be handed out, I'm willing to afford them a split just for the sake of argument, but the status quo in the NFC South is maintained.

If anything, ATL should quit worrying about the Saints and look over their shoulders at the Buccaneers.

Mardigras9 03-27-2012 01:56 PM

They are 2-8 against us after this year.

st thomas 03-27-2012 02:16 PM

being a huge fan of saints football this bounty thing has brought me to new
ways i've never experienced. i'm sure its taken u the same way. this gut feeling of loss and being called out to the world. but i can tell u this its made me pissed like backed in a corner pissed and i know in my heart i would fight to the exstreams to get it back right. i have no dought that this team from the front office to the water bucket cleaner will come out fighting the same way and i'm totally confident that this season will be just right.

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