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Kristomac 09-09-2012 07:24 AM

Does anybody else get nervous...
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...when EVERYBODY guarantees that the Saints are going to win?!? It's always been the best recipe for a Saints loss. 40 years of experience makes me prefer to be the underdog ANYDAY.

|Mitch| 09-09-2012 07:28 AM

Re: Does anybody else get nervous...
I get nervous before games no matter what "everybody" says...

WhoDat!656 09-09-2012 08:45 AM

Re: Does anybody else get nervous...
I did, especially in the pre-Payton/Brees era!

I still do when the Saints play an un-defeated team while on a win streak; see Rams game from 2011!

The Saints arent quite as likely to 'overlook' a struggling team like they used to though.

Kristomac 09-09-2012 12:34 PM

Re: Does anybody else get nervous...
All week long, all I've read, on,,,, how the Saints are gonna wipe the floor with the redskins. If that's not motivation for the Redskins to come out and kick ass, I don't know what is.

Kristomac 09-09-2012 03:32 PM

Re: Does anybody else get nervous...
WOW!!! A Legitimate doubt...130 views....only 2 responses.

Kristomac 09-09-2012 04:13 PM

Re: Does anybody else get nervous...
I'm so dissapointed. No one had the guts to respond to my post after the game started. I'm a 40 year Saints fan, but I'm the first to point out that there's something wrong. My profile says that I joined in 2004, but thats when it reset. I'm 100% accurate since 1995. Just like LSU, the Saints loose when EVERYONE says they will win.

SaintsBro 09-09-2012 04:31 PM

Re: Does anybody else get nervous...
You did post a Saints comment in the NFL forum instead of the Saints forum, and there is a live chat for during the game, so that may be why people didn't respond to your post. Just sayin'.

OldMaid 09-09-2012 05:49 PM

Re: Does anybody else get nervous...
I get anxious before a game.
I was anxious for this one because so many people left nearby cities to go to N.O. for the game. ..all of the Saints fans there at the Dome for a home game, season opener, is a big deal.

I prefer the media talk to not be about the Saints even when they have a game win of the week . Less Saints ' talk and the commentators move on to Teee-bow, Romo, PManning, Ryan, now RGIII and other favorites.
It is always better to just win and slip under the radar.
Saint's losing, same thing for me if they win and win big. I 'll look at the Saints 's blurp once or twice, then that is it.

This one game is not the season of 15 more for the Saints or RGIII.
Will RGIII take this hype and live on it? Will the Redskins live on this game ?
Yeah, win one and it is over . Next week starts all over.

Same goes for the Saints and this bad lost.
We know the Saints regroup after a lost and after a win, they let a win go in the past and get ready for the next game.

Mardigras9 09-10-2012 01:19 PM

Re: Does anybody else get nervous...
I was nervous before this game, and felt like it was the San fran game continuing from last season. I'll be glad to move on to Carolina and hopefully a return to Saint football.

Kosoma 09-10-2012 02:49 PM

Re: Does anybody else get nervous...
im nervous before every saints game. if history has shown us anything its that the saints can be unpredictable. in a good season at least one loss will come from that team that most say wont win a game all year.
yesterday the saints looked flat and totally out of sync, while at the same time the skins were firing on all cylinders. it had disaster written all over it. they gave up on the run game before the game ever started. ingram made some nice gains they should have let him pound it for a while then attack the weakened line with sproles. oh well enough monday morning coaching. i hope brees takes a more active, payton manning type role in play calling as it was abysmal yesterday

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