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Janay Rice on Instagram.

this is a discussion within the NFL Community Forum; He did it once he'll do it again....

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Re: Janay Rice on Instagram.

He did it once he'll do it again.
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Re: Janay Rice on Instagram.

Let's not forget she spit on him and hit him before they got in the elevator. And her reaction was not that of somebody who gets her as she beat by her man on frequent occasions. The hit didn't even knock her out. The wall did. If they're over it then everybody else should be too.
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Re: Janay Rice on Instagram.

Originally Posted by OldMaid View Post

I read her twitter messages on

I am NOT in favor of spousal abuse by man to woman or woman to man. If you have to fight like cats and dogs and even verablly abuse each other, something is wrong. It is not a healthy relationship.
I am NOT blaming the victim.
I see her point about no one of the public knows them, and how they both are are shamed of what happened in their personal lives.
HOWEVER, it is public because it is right there for all to see.
I think domestic violence has to be based on case by case basis.
Yes, it was abuse .
HOWEVER , she had ways to get out. Many ways. Many times.
Don't tell me this was the first time he decked her.
An abused woman without resources of some available cash, some people in authority , etc. cannot leave so easily.

The tape was not released and she sat at the table with him for press. She married him after this incident.

I HATE , HATE to say about money, but I agree with SapperSaint.

I posted before, to each her own. Are high end clothes worth that much to be knocked out senseless? Have all your privates exposed to a hotel guest there by the elevator? Now, all the world can see. OMG!!!!!!!!!!

The public does not know them. HOWEVER, they have family and friends who do know them. Did they not ever talk sense into her and him? People who are close to them knew. People always know.

So, if she is fine with that treatment and is taking a stand by him, fine!!
He is out of the NFL. This is too much for the public to stomach. He has the misfortune of coming up in his mess after Vick and so many others.
If they want to stay married, fine.
They need therapy. Long, year long intense therapy. That is something you cannot find or do in the NFL or in the media.

They now have all the time to go take care of themselves , whatever!!!
Originally Posted by NOLA54 View Post
I'm guessing this is not the first or last time he will hit her. Eventually it will all come out and she will divorce him.
I am guessing he is not the first guy she has spit on and slapped first and he will not be the last either.

She will not leave because she is not the victim, they are both hands on violent people and they are both 50% of the problem. Its no different than females that like rough sex.

Only outsiders see it as violence.
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Re: Janay Rice on Instagram.

I do not agree with you , Oak.

I am not posting on them , the R's, again . Their life.

I want to make it clear, I no not think DV is ok.
I hope my post is not blaming the victim here and she is a triple victim including not being able to see this mess herself. Later on that.

NO ONE posting here is saying that this behavior is ok.
This is cleary a case of DV.

It is very sad.
So many ways.
This girl could have left, should have but clearly does not want to. Cannot. Won't Does not think she is in an abusive, uneven, violent weird etc. relationship. She will figure it out one day.

I went to get the "tea" as the gossip scoops are called on a female gossip site.
OMG!!! This gils' father was at the press conference back in Feb. Her sister is defending her brother -in-law on her social media site.
Weird. Enjoying some monetary perks at the beat down, TKO'd expense of your DAUGHTER and sister !!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????? OMG!!

It is a sad , wrong situation but there is nothing society, the law, etc. can do about these people.

Next week at this time, hopefully the Ray case will be over.
It is time for some football. Time moves on.

May the Rays both get serious help. They will because they have to show this to the NFL so he can get back in there next year. You know that NFL will allow him back him. The NFL does this will all thugs.
I would like the NFL to stop allowing really criminal behavior from being allowed to stay in the NFL. I am almost surprised NEPats, Hernadez is still not there!! Only reason why is because his case is in the hands of the law, courts, etc.
Will RR be able to make the team , playing ability, is another thing.

I am slightly still interested in the Goodell case. He is not going to lose his 44 million a year because of the RR.

I think this case is closed too after looking at Goodell's interview last night.
His bosses, NFL owners, want this case over and done with him, the RR's, all of it. Time to focus on their toys, the NFL games.
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