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SloMotion 01-18-2015 05:57 AM

Championship Sunday. Any predictions?
Yes, there are other teams you'd rather be seeing play today and for me personally, it's all about who's putting on the best game-time spread, but whodya' rather? Indy, NE, GB or Seattle?

I'm taking the Pats in the AFC because I'm thinking this just might be their year to go all the way and I'm going with the underdog Packers in the NFC. Either way, I'm hoping they skip the postgame Richard Sherman interviews, :lol:.


dizzle88 01-18-2015 07:19 AM

Re: Championship Sunday. Any predictions?
I'd like the packers to win but they are going to have to play a near perfect game

As much as Dallas Defense improved this season, they are nothing compared to Seattle's D, if Rodgers is still hampered by the hamstring injury, Seattle's D would have a field day dismantling the packers questionable O line.

I like Andrew luck but I think the patriots win

Not to mention that the colts two starting CB's are both questionable and one of their O lineman missed the flight!!!

saintsfan1976 01-18-2015 07:57 AM

Re: Championship Sunday. Any predictions?
Should win? Favorites.

Want to win? Underdogs.

Seattle couldn't lose by enough points for me.

vpheughan 01-18-2015 08:08 AM

Re: Championship Sunday. Any predictions?
I really don't want to look at that Aaron Rogers Smirk and the stupid Double Check! I don't want to hear about BellyCheck, GRONK and Brady anymore either! I live near Indy and should be pulling for the Colts but once a Saints Fan, Always a Saints Fan!! If the Colts do win they could be the most Vanilla team to ever do so. They have been interesting to watch!

Tobias-Reiper 01-18-2015 09:18 AM

Re: Championship Sunday. Any predictions?
I predict I am not going to care or watch the games.

SaintsBro 01-18-2015 10:20 AM

Re: Championship Sunday. Any predictions?
In the first game this year, the Packers just didn't look ready, didn't look prepared -- they looked like they needed another week to get ready....I think it will be MUCH different this time.

On the AFC side, I agree with Slomo, I think this is the year the Patriots finally get it together....the Pats really look like they don't have any glaring weaknesses, and when you don't have any obvious weaknesses, that's when Bellichick in his Yoda hoodie becomes nearly unbeatable....both the AFC teams seem really disciplined and laser focused, so it should be a really good chess game for watching strategy and tactics.

It would be ESPECIALLY nice if an ugly home loss at Seattle today, would finally break that Wizard of Oz-like spell the Seahawks have had the last couple years, and show they are human, and beatable, and that piped in crowd noise and all the speaker stacks/explosions/sirens/fog horns and glow-in-the-dark, ugly, radioactive-piss-green plastic bullhorns in the world won't help them....then they can start bickering among themselves and imploding in a mess of free agency and big contracts during the offseason, maybe throw in a PED scandal that finally catches up with them....that would be the best outcome of them all -- to have a Seattle loss today with a BIG hangover that lingered and carried over into next year..

K Major 01-18-2015 12:38 PM

Re: Championship Sunday. Any predictions?
Pats and Legion of Boom. With Rodgers limited in the mobility department, I would be surprised if he is able to pull off the magic like he did last week.

Seattle got hot a few weeks back and are now on fire.

SmashMouth 01-18-2015 01:41 PM

Re: Championship Sunday. Any predictions?

Originally Posted by Tobias-Reiper (Post 637710)
I predict I am not going to care or watch the games.


SloMotion 01-18-2015 04:02 PM

Re: Championship Sunday. Any predictions?
Yeah, but isn't it nice to watch a game (or two) where you don't necessarily have a vested interest? Lot less stressful and can be a lot of fun, IMO.


K Major 01-18-2015 06:33 PM

Re: Championship Sunday. Any predictions?
What a Green Bay melt down. They had the Seahags dead to rites.

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