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44Champs 02-03-2016 08:23 PM

The movie "Concussion"
After watching this movie, I can see why many parents would discourage their sons from playing football. All I wanted to do when I was younger was play football - organized, street, etc - it didn't matter. But football nowadays is different and more violent - even with all the protective rules. The athletes are bigger, faster, stronger and more aggressive. I dont have any boys (I have 2 daughters and thankfully they dont want to play football [emoji1]) but they're both excellent soccer players. If I did have a boy, I would steer him towards baseball, soccer, tennis, wrestling or golf.

My solution for decreasing nfl concussions? Take away those damn helmets and make them play with either the old-fashioned leather ones or with none at all. It's safer to go back to just having broken noses, missing teeth and black eyes.

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K Major 02-03-2016 09:16 PM

Re: The movie "Concussion"
It was a shame to see how CTE took over Mike Webster's life.

For what it's worth, good movie.

QBREES9 02-03-2016 10:47 PM

Re: The movie "Concussion"
I grew up playing hockey. The worst of the 4 concussion, was from hockey. Not football. My last was from WKA, Go-Kart racing. I was flipped and land on my head. My point, you can get a concussion from playing any sport. And yes i was wearning a helmet.

Good to hear it was a good movie.

RailBoss 02-04-2016 02:08 AM

Re: The movie "Concussion"
Yes the concussions in Soccer are high too which you wouldn't expect.

Crusader 02-04-2016 03:40 AM

Re: The movie "Concussion"
There are concussions in soccer but not nearly at the same rate and you don't have the same high number of impacts to the head that are "non-concussive". I have so many linemen friends who claims to never have had a concussion but whose helmets are all torn up in the front from banging it against the guy in front of them every play in practice and games.

RaginCajun83 02-04-2016 09:01 AM

Re: The movie "Concussion"
I'm reading the book right now, plan to see the movie after I'm done. Its crazy the lengths the NFL go to keep this quiet. They even had their doctors on their "board" argue with proven scientific facts.

My dad saw the movie before I started the book, he said that if you didn't hate Goddell now you will after seeing this moive

Crusader 02-04-2016 06:01 PM

Re: The movie "Concussion"
I stumbled over this article about a new type of helmet that is quite interesting. Well worth a read.

“Current helmets were never intended to deal with concussion,” explained Browd, chief medical officer of VICIS
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Danno 02-04-2016 06:17 PM

Re: The movie "Concussion"
There are numerous lies in this movie.

rezburna 02-04-2016 07:21 PM

Re: The movie "Concussion"
The NFL was wrong for covering up the truth about concussions if that's in fact what they did. However, all the risks are out in the open now. It's a hazardous profession like coal mining. My body aches everyday. My back is bad at 25 years old. I didn't even decide to pursue college football, but the price my body paid from 5 to 17 was tremendous. Would I do it again? **** yeah. Would I take a couple of concussions to play in the NFL right now? Again, **** yeah. Football is a gladiator sport played by grown men old enough to make their own decisions. If my son wants to play, and God I hope he does, I'll do whatever I can to make sure he's the best he can be and goes as far as he wants to go.

SloMotion 02-05-2016 03:59 AM

Re: The movie "Concussion"

Originally Posted by rezburna (Post 691730)
... My body aches everyday. My back is bad at 25 years old ...

... because I love ya', bro, ;).

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