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saintswhodi 10-04-2005 04:47 PM

Okay, who's getting an Xbox360?
I am. There's a game called Gears of War I have to have, and Madden of course. Might as well get the $399 one cause the $299 is for ****. Plus the 360 comes with Xbox live, which is pretty damn sweet since I never got live for my current Xbox cause you had to pay, while PS2 was free, and therefore got my online time. Who else is getting one? We can start a Madden league ASAP.

Halo 10-12-2005 10:56 AM

RE: Okay, who
Gears of War will come out in the spring. The game to get is Madden and Perfect Dark Zero.........

saintswhodi 10-12-2005 02:27 PM

Re: RE: Okay, who

Originally Posted by Halo
Gears of War will come out in the spring. The game to get is Madden and Perfect Dark Zero.........

Yeah, I been reading up a lot on Gears of War. Sounds like a must have. Trust me, Madden is a given. Some systems come with Perfect Dark Zero, which is cool.

Halo 10-24-2005 02:04 AM

RE: Re: RE: Okay, who
I don't like Perfect Dark Zero. They used some kind of cell shading in the game that I played and I didn't like it at all. But then again, the game may not have been complete. I've played games that were demos like Forza and seemed bad, then the final game comes out and it's completely different.

saintswhodi 10-24-2005 01:24 PM

True, true. Perfect Dark Zero is getting all kinds stellar reviews though. Hopefully it will be as good as they say. I haven't played the demo though. Have you played that game F.E.A.R.?

Halo 10-26-2005 09:51 PM

You know another game I didn't like as a demo was Forza. Then the game came out and they must have fooled everyone as it was nothing like the demo. Might happen with Perfect Dark Zero. I saw a lot of debug kits and problems with some games. They were probably incomplete.

The Xbox 360 unit I trained on had an 80 gb hard drive. The debug units had larger hard drives, the standard units have 20gb hard drives, because they had actual games loaded on them.

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