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Gonzeaux 04-13-2006 03:18 AM

The "Eaux Boy!' Travel Club
We are looking for a few more good men and women to join our elite force of Sainthood to come on a once-a-year roadtrip with all of your Black-n-gold flapping free. This year looks like Tampa Bay because of were it sits in the schedule. Last year we did GB, St.Louis before that, on. You get the picture. All you need is enthusiasm, some cash, a sense of humor and no fighting if you drink.....we ain't gonna help you if you started it. We all drink, most all have some to several tatoos, most all are professionals but slackers at the same time. You also need the most important part.....a personalized jersy with your nickname ending in 'EAUX'. Such as Gonzeaux, Zereaux, Oeaux Cheaux, Pableaux, Pedreaux, Sidesheaux.....etc.
We have a lot of fun. No stiffs or die hard Bushies need apply. Mail if interested.

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