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Oust Theisman and Irvin Grassroots Effort

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bump, write please
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I think this bandwagon can roll. Dr. Z onboard. Read the article to see his explanation how Team 2 was so much better Monday...

It was a shock, actually, because it followed such a dreadful presentation. ESPN seems to feel that only a dedicated dumbing-down of its NFL show will keep its prime-time audience from flipping the dial to Medium or Prison Break. It's insulting. So we got stuff such as that idiotic and endless booth interview with Jamie Foxx, pointing out, among other things, what a terrific guy Tom Cruise is.

So who's on for next week, Mel Gibson? And then we got the crossfield ping-pong hammering of not one but two sideline reporters, running over live action, etc.

There were no insights, no real interest in who was doing what to whom on the field. Just endless debates, talk-show variety, with Tony Kornheiser, the rookie, supplying the kind of humor you and I used to try out in grade school. Joe Theismann is the only one who understands football, but it's just too comfortable for him to take the easy swing and tune out the game, since the other guys wouldn't understand what he was talking about anyway.

Mike Tirico? He seemed OK when he was in the studio, but on play-by-play? Oh, brother. He miscalled the score of the game and it was never corrected. He was routinely off a yard or two on his spotting of the ball. He just doesn't understand it. At one time a punt was downed between the two- and three-yard lines and he said, "It's downed on the two. They'll have 97 yards to go." Why pay attention at all, really? Much more fun to insert your two cents' worth into the debate going on around you.

Miserable, just miserable. A logical follow to last year's Sunday-night crew.

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I cringe thinking of hearing his BS again already. Spread the word to other forums and friends etc.

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Done. Why don't we start a network, offer Theisman big bucks, he leave ESPN and we fold and the check bouces.

Just a brainstorm...
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one last bump cuz right after a game you should be motivated

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i might get the NFL package so I can hear the Saints local broadcast through their website for Monday night...

It's worth it not to have to listen to Theismann. Although, I'm finding Kornheiser tolerable. I think it might have to do with my dislike of Joe though.

Let's find out!!! Oust the sucka! I made my voice known.
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PFT on the oust Theisman train-

In the third quarter of Monday night's game, Theismann declares: "I'd say Ben's back."

But then only two plays later, Theismann is dissing Roethlisberger. "He doesn't look as comfortable throwing the football as I saw him throw it last year. The ball's been high a few times. It's been into the ground. He's nowhere near as accurate as he normally is."

Enter Tony Kornholer, who pounced on the discrepancy: "You said he was back two plays ago!"

Theismann tried to muster an explanation that tied the two observations, but it was too late. He has exposed himself again as a buffoon.
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I didn't write much, just that Theisman sucks!!!!!
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Oh Great and Venerable Mods,
Can you guys sticky this?
It might be interesting week to week.
Just a thought.
Please don't smite your humble servant as I have just sacrificed 22 Falcons in your honor.
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