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neugey 07-14-2007 03:59 PM

The All-Payton MLB team
Since we all talk about guys being Payton type players, and baseball is king now, why not ...

The all-Payton MLB team:

C - Ivan Rodriguez, Tigers (turned a nobody pitching staff into winners and is the best overall catcher in the game, lets his teammates get the credit)
1B - Kevin Youkilis, Red Sox
2B - Craig Biggio, Astros (3000 hits and still ticking after all these years)
3B - David Wright, Mets
SS - Edgar Renteria, Braves
LF - Carl Crawford, Devil Rays
CF - Torii Hunter, Twins (plays hard, even when the Twins stink)
RF - Corey Hart, Brewers (the unsung hero of the upstart Brewers)
DH - Travis Hafner, Indians (won't let his team lose)
Util - Julio Franco (48 and in great shape and still valuable)
SP - Josh Beckett, Red Sox (a big game pitcher from the outset)
SP - Tom Glavine, Mets
SP - Shawn Hill, Nationals (doing well despite no one else in the rotation and no run support)
SP - Chad Gaudin, A's (a suprise and he's from NO)
SP - Gil Meche, Royals (like Brees, a free agent no one else believed in)
RP - Scot Shields, Angels
RP - Scott Linebrink, Padres
CL - Billy Wagner, Mets (talented and fearless)

papz 07-14-2007 10:31 PM

Russ Martin, Eric Byrnes, and Coco Crisp are Payton type players.

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