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ScottyRo 07-16-2007 03:04 PM

Another Official Ticking Me Off

Amy Trask, chief executive of the Raiders, and Mike Pereira, NFL vice president in charge of officiating, were part of a seven-member panel at the Los Angeles Sports and Entertainment Commission's NFL 101/201 charity event last week at the Coliseum. Pereira, talking about the complaints he gets on Monday mornings, said, "One time last year I really got blown up over a pass-interference call we missed at the end of a game that may have cost a team a victory. I was really tempted to mention the six turnovers earlier in the game." Said Trask: "That's so not the point. After 59 minutes and you are in position to win a game." Interjected Pereira with a laugh: "And you haven't been in that position a lot the past four years."

Pereira should be fired over this.

Trask is completely correct. What happened prior to this call is irrelevant. The struggles the team is having should be irrelevant. The refs should be concentrating on the play at hand and that play alone. Pereira proves that this is not the refs mindset by showing exactly what they start thinking about.

I have seen this type of thinking throughout the years: REF: "Why should I throw a flag on that 49ers lineman for holding? The Saints suck anyway. It won't matter since they can't win this game."

Pereira should be embarrassed that his crew missed a crucial call rather than deflecting the criticism by pointing out the team's shortcomings.

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