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saintfan 10-04-2007 07:53 PM

Mike Vick Dog Fighting Game
Alright Joe...move this when you have to, but this is some funny sh!@

Michael Vick Dog Fight Game - Presented by AddictingGames

DeadmaN 10-08-2007 01:28 PM

Re: Mike Vick Dog Fighting Game
that's sad

FireVenturi 10-13-2007 09:07 PM

Re: Mike Vick Dog Fighting Game
how do you advance to the next level? i hit the dog with the football a hundred times.

Memnoch_TP 10-14-2007 02:11 AM

Re: Mike Vick Dog Fighting Game
It puts the puppy in the cage or else it feels the PETA's rage!

The thing I love the most about the whole Vick case is the fact that they "saved" the dogs from a brutal death... And then executed them.

To me, dead is dead. I would rather go out in a fight for my life than a lethal injection. They can call it inhumane all they want (And ignore the irony that they are applying the term "inhumane" to creatures that are not human), but there is nothing more human than conflict.

The only people who want to live a peaceful life, as compared to being the guy ripping your enemies to shreds, are the people who think they would be ripped to shreds if they actually took on their enemies. I would much rather be a wolf in the wild or a fighting pitbull than a lap dog playing fetch.

It makes me hope to live to see the world go "Mad Max". I will enjoy watching the cannibalistic biker gangs ride past Mike Vick's place because his dogs will rip them apart, and then see all the worthless window dressing poodles and labs run for their lives as their owners become dinner because they had pets instead of protection.

Not that I approve of fighting dogs, mind you, I just don't disapprove of it. It's a dog. Who cares? If it was someone's pet, that would be one thing, but no 5 years olds were cryings because their favorite pet "Mr. Bloodletter" had his throat ripped out in the ring.

I'm more worried about human beings right now than I am dogs. And to that point, why exactly don't we put our animals to better use anyway? Why take those pitbulls and poison then and then incinerate the bodies? Why not just put a bullet in their heads and gut and skin the bodies, freeze the meat, and send it to Vietnam or any other country where dogs are considered a food source and hunger is rampant? If we as Americans want to refuse to eat a dog, fine, but do we have to be wasteful? I mean, I wouldn't eat my dog because he is my dog, and I like him. The only way I wouldn't eat your dog was if you cooked him up in an Indian style curry, and I don't like curry. Otherwise, I could care less as long as it tastes good.

And I'm sure these opinions will probably upset some people, but luckily for me the only people it will upset will either change their opinion when Thunder Dome comes, or else be in my cannibal biker gang's cookpot with their poodle on the spit for an appetizer (Hopefully with hot sauce, and not curry).

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