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SonofaBolt 02-03-2010 01:03 PM

(Another) Bolts fan pulling for the Saints
Just wanted to drop in and say Congrats! to the Who Dat nation on winning the very tough NFC and making the big dance for the first time. I'm disappointed that my Chargers won't be facing off against the Saints this Sunday, but we didn't earn it and the Colts did. And the Saints are equally deserving. IMO, This should be one of the best Super Bowls in a decade. I anticipate it being better that last year's Steelers/Cards game and being the standard for many SB's to come. Offensive fireworks, baby!

Somehow a Jets/Vikes Super Bowl pairing didn't have the same appeal...:rolleyes:

You have our San Diego double 'B' connection (Bush and Brees) and many of us in SD are still fans of Drew Brees. "Deep Brees" is a quality QB, and certainly in the top 5 of the league. I've drafted him in Fantasy Football every season for the last three years!. This season I had 4 Saints on my FF roster (Brees, Bush, Henderson, and Sharper) and they all did very well for me.

I was sorry to see Brees leave after the 2005 season, but I credit him with a lot of San Diego's current success, and the development of Rivers as a starting QB. Drew set us on a winning tradition starting in the 2004 season that has kept on through this season. But for two seasons, Rivers got to study Drew and how he prepared for games instead of being thrown into the fire as a rookie. I really believe this has helped Rivers become a top QB in his own right.

I'll be pulling for the Saints this Sunday, but in no way is this disrespect for the Colts. Both your team and Indy's are easy teams to like and root for. It's just that I've been following Who Dat? since Brees joined the team in 2006, and the Saints have become my favorite NFC team. The MNF game in 2006 at the Super Dome is one of the most memorable games I've ever seen. And I was sent to London last year to work the International Series game between the Chargers and Saints, and had the opportunity to meet a lot of really cool Saints fans, not to mention meeting the Saintsations at an calendar autograph session in the Marylebone train station in London!


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