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dberce1 11-19-2003 08:57 AM

Skinned Alive
As published by the New Orleans Tribune Weekly Post:

"Everyone's favorite super negative Saints critic was found last nite skinned up. It seems other posters were sick of his negative, put down remarks of the home town team. Attempts to contact his family were futile, they had already been skinned and made into LSU handbags last month."

"Our own correspondent Lisa Smith got no comment from QB Aaron Brooks, but Brooks seemed to be smiling even more than usual in the huddles at practice."

"We feel the loss will be felt throughout the pessimist communities around the entire Orleans Parish area."

No more!

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saintfan 11-19-2003 09:03 AM

Skinned Alive
Uh you went and did it. :o

tweeky 11-19-2003 09:18 AM

Skinned Alive
This could get ugly. interesting, but ugly.

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