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fhotard 02-19-2004 09:07 AM

Disgruntled fans
Hey guys, you think this could work for us the next time the refs really screw up a call that can be blamed for a loss?

Soccer Fans Give Ref a Red Card

MADRID, Spain (AP) — About 30 fans plan to sue a referee for awarding a last-minute penalty against their team in a Spanish league match.

The Valencia fans hold Pedro Tristante Oliva and the Spanish soccer federation responsible for the "penalty mistake" in which Real Madrid (search) was awarded a penalty kick against Valencia. They are asking for one euro per person in damages, or $1.29 each.

"We want the error to be publicly acknowledged and compensation paid as professional negligence has been committed," Andres Sanchis, the lawyer representing the fans, said in the sports daily As on Wednesday.

Tristante Oliva ruled defender Carlos Marchena fouled Raul Gonzalez in injury time of the match last Sunday. Valencia was leading 1-0 and about to move past Real Madrid into first place in the standings.

Luis Figo converted the penalty to tie the match and prevent Valencia from being the first team to defeat Madrid at home this season.

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