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kenpersons 07-06-2004 08:42 PM

What happened to the World Series of Poker?
Watching the 2003 World Series of Poker hooked me. I started a poker night with my friends who were also enchanted by watching the pros.

What reeled me in was not the card game itself, but the psychology and storytelling. They introduced us to the players, let their characters develope, allowing me to like and dislike various players along the way; to get attached, as it were.

The psychology spurred the addiction. Who's in, who's not. The irony of knowing their hands while they only know their own and the bet. The great players got it, the holding and folding, raising and bluffing it took to win hands regardless of the cards dealt.

It all combined to make for fantastic television.

I was excited to watch the 2004 version, only to find it nauseating. This year, instead of multiple bets and bluffs; instead of personalities winning games, the players turned their cards over after "flop", and the luckiest player wins, instead of the best.

That's not cool, it's not competitive, and it's a crying shame they took something truly fascinating and unique and absolutely took a leak on it.

whowatches 07-09-2004 09:39 AM

What happened to the World Series of Poker?
Totally agree about this year\'s WPT, Ken. This year, I\'ve enjoyed watching Celebrity Poker on Bravo much more than the tour. More gutsy plays.

A group of my friends and I started a monthly game last spring. We used to play draw and stud, but now we pretty much stick to Hold \'Em. Very addictive.

I sometimes play on Yahoo. It\'s fun, but the betting gets crazy very quickly. Bluffing is difficult, and, of course, you can\'t really read your opponents through the computer screens.

A couple of us from the board should get together at Yahoo and play. We could talk trash, and I could take all your fake money. ;)

Anyone interested?

saintsfan1313 07-09-2004 10:23 AM

What happened to the World Series of Poker?
That sounds like a good idea. Im getting the net hooked up at the new apt. as we speak. However, if you guys really like to gamble, i play on all the time. They have play money and real money accounts. Seriously, if you can play, its good cash. Me and my roommate take home bout a grand every week from there. It\'s legit too. If you cash out over a grand, they send you a check express mail, u get in a like 2 days. Just a thought, but the yahoo thing sounds fun too.

whowatches 07-09-2004 10:39 AM

What happened to the World Series of Poker?
You\'re in, dude. I\'ll start a separate thread about having a weekly(?) Yahoo poker table for BnG members.

Don\'t think I have the windchimes to play big money poker. I\'m too miserly. Real money (over my friendly game\'s nickle, dime, quarter bets) kills the fun for me. A thousand bucks a weeks sure sounds sweet, though....

turbo_dog 07-21-2004 12:17 AM

What happened to the World Series of Poker?
I have to agree about this years world poker tour and celebrity poker. ESPN is still showing the world series of poker, though. Its pretty good, and they sometimes show stud as well as hold em.

I play online at its free to download and play against other people. Nice interface as well. Look for turbodog if you want an ass whuppin... ;)

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