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whowatches 07-09-2004 10:10 AM

Just a couple of Johns...

Nothing says lovin' like a little huggin'

By Wesley Pruden

Watching the intimate moments of courtship of others embarrasses most of us, or at least some of us. But the public displays of affection that shocked our grandparents are regarded in our time as fit for Sunday school.

Hmm.... very interesting. Is this display of affection contrived in an attempt to touch a specific demographic? Has this columnist simply exagerated a few small instances in order to further a conservative agenda?

If the campaign is actively purporting this image to the American voter, then why? Are they taking a gamble that the average American voter (note that I do not say citizen -- big difference) is properly in tune with the Bravo-esque metrosexuality necessary to appreciate and be influenced by this tactic?


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