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turbo_dog 07-21-2004 12:21 AM

Any programmers out there?
I need help with some vb6 and msAccess problems.

Cannot find installable ISAM

WhoDat 07-21-2004 08:59 AM

Any programmers out there?
MS IS - Lead Developer at CPD - know C++, Java, VB, VBA, SQL, PHP, ASP, JSP, Perl, Javascript, HTML, XML, DHTML, etc. etc. etc.

What seems to be the problem? Let me know what you\'re trying to do and where the glitch is - I\'ll see if I can\'t help you out.

turbo_dog 07-21-2004 12:17 PM

Any programmers out there?
I\'m working on a home automation system initialized by biometrics, i.e. fingerprint scan. I\'m using vb6 and an access database (to store info for different users, including each users fingerprint for comparison at the point of entry). Upon compiling I get a message that states, \"Cannot find installable ISAM\". I\'ve looked at several forums and have found some info on this but it always seems that they are only talking about access 95 or 97. I\'m using winxp and access 2000. I may need to custom install access with all the data components, but each time I put the office cd in, I can\'t get that option. I\'m going nuts because I only have a week left to finish this. I\'ve been corresponding by email with the company that provided me with the active x components, but I can\'t call them because they are in South Africa. aaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggg

If you can\'t help its no big deal, hopefully I\'ll get this figured out.

WhoDat 07-21-2004 12:54 PM

Any programmers out there?
Problem solved:

The following error message occurs under the conditions listed below:

Can\'t Find Installable ISAM

NOTE: If you are working with the Microsoft Access Version 2.0 Service Pack, you will receive Reserved Error (-1070).

A combination of the following conditions result in the error:

A Visual Basic application (.EXE) is executed that uses an IISAM driver.
The <appname>.INI file associated with the Visual Basic application includes a reference to only that IISAM driver.
A second Visual Basic application (.EXE) is executed that requires a different IISAM driver.
No matter what entries are in the second application\'s <appname>.INI file, the \"Can\'t Find Installable ISAM\" error occurs.
This behavior is by design in the Microsoft Access engine included in Visual Basic version 3.0 for Windows. The Microsoft Access engine is not currently designed to look for the new .INI file required by the second application. Instead, it is designed to use the established references that the first .INI file provided when the first Visual Basic application was executed. This design is under review for possible revision in future product versions.

To work around this limitation, place the entire Installable ISAMs section of the VB.INI file into the <appname>.INI file of each Visual Basic application that executes an IISAM driver.

The section in the <appname>.INI should look like this:
[Installable ISAMs]
FoxPro 2.0=C:\\WINDOWS\\SYSTEM\\xbs110.dll
FoxPro 2.5=C:\\WINDOWS\\SYSTEM\\xbs110.dll
dBASE IV=C:\\WINDOWS\\SYSTEM\\xbs110.dll
Paradox 3.X=C:\\WINDOWS\\SYSTEM\\pdx110.dll

saintsfan1313 07-21-2004 03:00 PM

Any programmers out there?
damn, ya\'ll are pretty smart. Here, they pay me to give people money? kinda ironic huh?

turbo_dog 07-21-2004 03:29 PM

Any programmers out there?
Thanks, whodat. That info is helpful, except I can\'t find a vb.ini file anywhere on my system. I\'m not sure if this is one of the files like the vb workspace that is created for each program, or if it is a standard file. I\'ve searched my system, I think it should be in the windows/system folder, but it is nowhere. Any suggestions?

WhoDat 07-21-2004 04:33 PM

Any programmers out there?
my vb.ini file is in my WINDOWS directory. Easiest way to find it may just be to search your comp and enter *.ini to find all your .ini files.

turbo_dog 07-22-2004 02:19 PM

Any programmers out there?
Thanks for your help WhoDat. I had to install SP5 for vb6 and a data access components update.

Now, you know where I can get a job? lol

I just graduated with a BS CIS and was an intern for Minolta-QMS for 3 years in software QA. I\'m looking to relocate to a more urban setting than here in MS.

WhoDat 07-23-2004 09:06 AM

Any programmers out there?
Well, I\'m in Chicago, so that may be too far for you. You can check out Trading Technologies if you\'re willing to come all the way up here. I\'ve got a friend here who tells me they\'ve just started hiring programmers.

turbo_dog 07-23-2004 11:08 AM

Any programmers out there?
Chicago. That\'s weird because I\'ve been looking at Chicago a lot the past few months. My grandfather moved down to Florida many years ago from Chicago. He grew up a few blocks from old Comiskey (Polish community). I\'ve never been there, but I think I have distant relatives there and for some reason I\'ve felt like it is where I\'m \"supposed\" to go. I\'m more into the network/IT side of computing than programming, but I\'m willing to do anything. How is the job market there? I\'ve been looking on Monster and Dice, but many of the jobs say only local candidates.

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