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iceshack149 07-21-2004 06:03 PM

Fishing Anyone?
I've been doing alot of fishing this year. How about youz guys?

I'm interested in what kind of fish you all catch, where you catch them (it doesn't need to be specific as you may want to keep your secret spot secret), and what fish tastes best.

Fella's, I've never had catfish. Is that the best tasting fish out there? I'd caught alot of sheefish this spring icefishing and that's a great tasting fish. It's a white meat that's very similar to halibut.

How about you?

ScottyRo 07-21-2004 08:29 PM

Fishing Anyone?
I\'ve mostly been catching catfish in Lake Chicot located in southeast Arkansas near the mississippi river. I\'ve also done a bit of fishing for bass but I\'ve never been too successful at that. I\'ve been doing that around Monroe, LA. I really think bass is a little better than cat because it seems less fatty to me. I might just be getting tired of cat since each summer I catch so many that I spend the rest of the year trying to eat it all before next summer.

WhoDat 07-22-2004 08:37 AM

Fishing Anyone?
You want great fishing? Get down to Venice and go out the Tiger pass. Redfish, Speckled Trout, Wahoo, Yellowtail, Red Snapper.... anything you want. If it\'s rough, stay inside and beat up on the trout or redfish - if it\'s nice, get offshore and do some real sport fishing.

whowatches 07-22-2004 08:37 AM

Fishing Anyone?
Love fishin\'!

I go to the family\'s place outside Hattiesburg, MS. We\'ve got seven ponds on about two hundred acres. Right now the ponds are stocked with large mouth bass and perch. We tried catfish at one point, but imo, they\'re too much trouble and not a whole lotta fun to catch.

Two years ago, I caught my biggest large-mouth ever... nine pounds. She\'s on the wall of my den right now. If I can figure out how to load pics on this site, I\'ll post one of her. This spring, a buddy of mine caught a nine and a half (he rounds up to ten). She almost pulled us out of the boat. One of the greatest fishing moments of my life was trying to net that beeotch in while my buddy\'s begging me to hurry so the line won\'t break.

Haven\'t had a chance to fish this summer with the move and all, but I plan to wet some hooks this fall.

Great post.

WhoDat 07-22-2004 09:05 AM

Fishing Anyone?
Oh, we\'re telling fishing stories huh? Good idea!

Here\'s my best one - true story, I swear!

Fishing in the gulf just southeast of the Southwest pass (the southwest pass is the main branch of the Mississippi river. If you saw where it hits the gulf, you would consider that the mouth of the Mississippi). Anyway, we found a school of Specs right of the bottom and we\'re tearing \'em up. These aren\'t huge, six or seven pound fish - nice size, but nothing incredible. After nearly an hour of this we\'re about limited out and it\'s almost boring. You cast, run to the bottom, get a hit, hook it, reel it in.

So, I\'m talking to my buddy, not really paying attention and I almost get pulled off the boat all of a sudden. In fact, the entire boat lurched. Thankfully I had spider wire on, but... Anyway, I fight this thing for half an hour and finally pull a 40 pound Bull Red in the boat. We were using shrimp and a spec hit my shrimp. As I was reeling it in the Red hit my Spec and hooked himself somehow. When I pulled this monster in the boat it still had the spec in its mouth!

iceshack149 07-24-2004 02:00 PM

Fishing Anyone?
I could tell so many stories about the defiling of my body and soul in the icehouse my buddies and I made and went to every weekend in the winters outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. Of course fishing was secondary to the party inside the shack.
Most of the memories have holes in them because we drank so much vodka, but we\'re always quick to tell each other what happened after the blackouts.

Okay, back to the post. Last month I did some king salmon fishing in the Gulkana river about 100 miles north of Valdez. That\'s a good time right there. I appreciate it as it takes so much energy to land these hogs. They\'re pretty tasty too.

My favorite type of fishing is flyfishing. There\'s nothing like making a fly, tossing said fly precisley where you want it to float then watch it get devoured. And it\'s on. Those flyrods allow you to feel every tug and movement from the fish it\'s amazing.

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