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KillerSaint3632 07-28-2004 11:34 PM

Why I don't like the Anti-War Movement
Vietnam was a very devisive time for this country and for the military men and women who fought in it. I have a deep resentment with some people in that movement like Jane Fonda and Tom Hayden and the rest of the radical left who defiantly went to Hanoi and openly fraternizing with the enemy, especaily Jane Fonda. It wasnt enough for some of the protestors to make spectacles of themselves on the street but they had to portray Vietnam Veterans as descipable, baby killing monsters on TV and in the newpapers. And so now, flash forward 30 years later in Iraq we have the same type of people on the left bemoaning the horrors of war while at the same time being and arrogant to those who disagree with them. I don't apprecaite that from people who claim to be tolerant and since I am the son of a Vietnam Veteran and the nephew of another one, I know that talk is cheap and so are people who put up a false front and for that the anti-war movement will never get more support.

canucksaint 07-29-2004 07:39 AM

Why I don't like the Anti-War Movement
From what I know (which doesn\'t say a lot ;) ), I haven\'t heard of any demonstrations against the troops who are serving in Iraq, as there were against the troops serving their country in Vietnam. Nor should there be. These are men who are doing their country the largest service. However in regards to your opinions against the anti-war movement, I would have to disagree with your views on modern-day protest. As I said, I haven’t heard of any protest against the troops, but rather against the government. Living in a country that allows free speech, I see no problem with that. And it’s also possible that the government should try to avoid getting engaged in illegal wars.

KillerSaint3632 07-29-2004 05:38 PM

Why I don't like the Anti-War Movement
Canuck, From what I have seen with Pat Tillman getting mocked by Rene gonzales to the portryal of Vietnam Veterans as violent, angry sociopaths in Hollywood, it made me realize that some people on the left are no better, no more tolerent then some people on the right. Look at Jane Fonda. She went to Hanoi in 1972 knowing that her own countrymen were being tortured and killed by the enemy and what she does she do? she gets on an anti-aircraft gun and poses for a picture. Then she goes to a prison camp and makes propoganda statements for the NVA all the while living it up here in America, the same country she put down a week before. Thats not free speech to me, Canuck

ScottyRo 07-29-2004 09:50 PM

Why I don't like the Anti-War Movement
I think anti-war sentiment is fine and certainly people have a right to express their views. What I do have a problem with is the manner in which they do so.

In the Vietnam era, it wasn\'t uncommon for war protesters to scream derogative remarks at and belittle our soldiers - even, perhaps especially, those who were actually returning from the fighting. I\'m not suggesting a law against this, but I find it to be highly unappealing and uncalled for.

These are guys that went where they were told and did what few others were willing to do because our government said it was necessary for the security of our country. They should be commended since most of the time it is our freedoms they are protecting and only those who break our laws or policies while doing it should be dishonored.

Instead the anti-war people should protest at the whitehouse and at political speaches and such. It\'s fine to be against the war, but it is not fine to be against our warriors.

canucksaint 07-30-2004 07:58 AM

Why I don't like the Anti-War Movement
Killer - I understand what you are saying. However I see a major difference between the vietnam era and now. Bringing Rene Gonzales into this, is just bringing one reaction of one person who wanted to make a headline. This is not someone who speaks for the public. However as I posted on the thread that was dealing with Rene Gonzales months ago, she did realize the mistake in her ways and appologized, this was something that I don\'t think Jane Fonda ever did. I fully agree that what happened during the vietnam era was dispicable, but it cannot be realated to today, as todays opposition (from what I\'ve seen) has been against the government and peaceful.. As for the protestst against the government currently. I fully support them. That is their right, and they are not harming anyone by doing so. (I think this means I agree with what Scotty was saying... )

KillerSaint3632 07-30-2004 11:06 PM

Why I don't like the Anti-War Movement
Canuck, there is a difference between speaking your mind and being beligerent and obnoxoius. Being in a military family, I have heard things said from some people in the liberal comunity that to me were hurtful and spiteful. Take Micheal Moore, for example there are scenes in his movie that depict U.S. soldiers as being cold-blooded killers, something that Hollywood has done repetadely for years to Vietnam Vets.I think it highly inappropriate for anyone to do that. But I know this, there are some people in your movement that have sincere intentions, it is just the arrogant, smug hotheads that are the leaders that I question. Not that I don\'t like them, its becuase I don\'t trust them.

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