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pakowitz 08-05-2004 06:03 PM

espn football 2k5
all u madden guys out there... i dont know if any of yall have played espn football nfl 2k5 but it is the most realistic football game i have ever played and i am a huge madden football fan but man the first time i played this game i was like :o i couldnt believe how real and detailed it is and for the price of $20 bucks, it cant be beat... i have to say that i am not going to buy madden right away this year... instead i will rent it from the blockbuster nearby and test it out first b/c to beat the new espn game, madden had better be super suped up from last year b/c espn just blows it out of the water so far.....

p.s. i have the xbox version for all u ps2 lovers out there.... and anyone who has xbox live.. u can also play multiplayer online and download updated rosters and other cool extras

kenpersons 08-07-2004 12:20 AM

espn football 2k5
Madden is king for a reason. It has gone through season after season of deepening, tweaking, and improvement. There are details and depth that it will offer that ESPN will not. Some fans may not care. I\'ve been playing these games since they\'re inception, so I do. Madden is the game I am waiting on. Each year, they move it closer to being the perfect football game, and this year will be no exception.

It\'s really sweet that ESPN launched their title early and at half price to try and compete with Madden. It also says a lot about how desperate Madden competitors are, no? If an auto manufacturer were to try the same stunt, there would be shock, and that company might well be laughed out of business.

pakowitz 08-08-2004 11:16 PM

espn football 2k5
i agree wit u up to a certian point. id think that madden is a great game and i have owned every single madden since it first came out and i was going to buy it this year as well until my cousin urged me to check out espn 2k5 and i have to say that i have never played a game so life like... madden from last year couldnt even begin to touch this game and if madden doesnt change its whole game from last year then i have to say that they will lose a customer (i.e. me)


Each year, they move it closer to being the perfect football game, and this year will be no exception
i dont agree with this. i believe that for the past few years, they havent changed a whole lot... yes they added playmaker and new animations but other then that its the same thing.... espn has added a whole different view to the football gaming world and like i said before, if madden hasnt changed its whole style and game then i wont buy it... b/c frankly, the espn game i have now is 20x better then madden had ever thought about being and right now at the moment... espn 2k5 is the perfect football game....

kenpersons, i dont know if u have played espn 2k5 but if you havent, rent it from blockbuster or somewhere and check it out... hell, spend the 20 bucks and buy it, i swear u wont be disappointed and it most likely change your opinion on how great madden is... i thought the same thing about madden and i waited on it every year just like you... i was waitin on it this year until my cuzin made me check out this game and now i dont even know if ill buy madden

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