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Joker 08-08-2004 10:09 AM

Keyshawn Johnson
I watch Sports Center everyday and it seems to me that everytime I turn it on I see K. Johnson's ugly mug on it. Please someone tell me what he has done to deserve all of this attention? My point of view is that he's done nothing but run his mouth off and make an ass out of his self every place that he's played. For example the Jet's traded him away to Tampa because to much mouth and not enough tallent to support it;Tampa released him in the middle of the season there again to much mouth not enough tallent to support that big fly trap he calls a mouth.Now he's in Dallas still running his mouth and through all of this still has not accomplished anyting in the NFL. Som
e of my friends defend him and I don't know why. If there is anyone out there that agrees with me please let me know? :mad:

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