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SmashMouth 12-27-2012 10:47 AM

John Curtis High Earns National Championship in Football
What fans around the nation are saying about John Curtis' national championship

According to MaxPreps, there are 14,445 high schools in the United States that play football. So clearly, determining a definitive high school national champion is out of the question. Nevertheless, every year numerous ranking services attempt to pinpoint the best team in the country, ultimately awarding it a national championship.

This year, New Orleans' very own John Curtis was crowned by five of the seven services. Locally, the response has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic and congratulatory, with few doubting the veracity of the rankings.

It occurred to the prep staff, however, the response elsewhere might be a bit less boosterish. So like a fisherman with his seine, we decided to troll the net and see what fans around the country thought of Curtis' first national title.

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