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WhoDat 09-08-2004 10:10 PM

Petition for Aid

OK - so this isn't a democracy, I know that. But the moderators here seek to uphold many of the traits found in our great nation. Primary to this board's purpose is the freedom to express your opinions openly and without fear of harm or retalliation. Thus, just like our great nation, a person's ignorance or perseption, no matter how skewed, must be allowed, unless that freedom of expression injuries or puts at risk the rights of another.

Well moderators, I submit to you that injuries are occuring!! In order to stay impartial and protect the rights of the innocent, I'll refer to two particular members simply as "the Venturi Brothers." Just as a person is not allowed free reign with his right to expression (can't curse on the radio - FCC - or say something in public that might incite a riot or injure people - i.e. yell fire in a theatre where there is none), members of this board must not be allowed to injure others.

There are two types of conduct that cause harm - intention and negligent. The intentional is obvious - name calling, foul language, etc. The negligence is harder to observe, but I say it is happening right now under your noses Moderators!

The Venturi Brothers are causing harm. Our board has been disrupted. Look at BnB for God's sake!! He's had to buy 3 new monitors in the last 2 days! Saintfan is twitching, Billy is gone - even you are being injured. I know Joe's blood pressure is up and we all know that's not good for his heart. Throwing your comp. in the ocean won't help either buddy.

Point is this conduct must fall under some know tort theory - intentional infliction of mental distress maybe. I dunno, but ask Scotty or Gator. In any case, in order to hold harmless the moderators of this board, I suggest WE MEMBERS MUST TAKE ACTION.

Please post to this thread to join the petition to rid BnG of the Venturi Borthers!!!!

Your board needs you, son. It's time to give back! Geaux Saints!

pakowitz 09-08-2004 10:11 PM

Petition for Aid
too late, they are already gone

WhoDat 09-08-2004 10:16 PM

Petition for Aid
Just saw that - and after all of that time spent typing that fiery rhetoric! Darn it! But good move by the Mods. Can I get some applause for Yoda?!?!?!

pakowitz 09-08-2004 10:16 PM

Petition for Aid
hooray for me!!! but seriously, it wasnt me, it was halo, thank him

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