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admin 05-01-2013 11:30 AM

Review: O Bury Me Not

Winston Churchill once said ?History is written by the victors.? But it also is true that stories are for everyone, and in America, stories appear almost everywhere, from song lyrics to comic strips or even old vintage scraps of paper, as we see in Michael Pajon?s striking O Bury Me Not collage exhibition at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery. The title, taken from a Depression-era cowboy ballad, sets the tone for a wide range of folksy snippets of printed matter that, when shrewdly reworked into evocative collages, lead us straight into the wayward residue of American dreams of the past, those alternative histories that can never be written except by the poets, dreamers, musicians and inspired madmen among us ? those rare creatures who are capable of capturing life as it is lived rather than simply chronicled.? [ Read more ]

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