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Saintsfan4ever 10-04-2004 09:35 PM

How bout a Fan owned NFL franchise?

Ok..... I`m sick of talking about how bad the Saints suck, because there is really nothing we can do bout it......... or is there?.... let`s play " what if " for a moment.........

As a business owner and entrepreneur, I`m always thinking how to be more efficient and innovative...... I`ve always done well in investing in businesses that are "employee-owned".... So, I got to thinking, how great it would be to have a "Fan-owned" NFL franchise where the fans actually have a voice in the choosing administration, staff, and players.
Just think about how great it would be to hand Benson a check in exchange for the New Orleans Saints franchise with a handshake and a " oh, don`t forget you`re umbrella".
Now there are thousands of different ways you could set this up, and thousands of things that would have to be worked out..... but it is possible.

What are your thoughts? Would a fan-owned football team ever float in the NFL?

themightyduck 10-04-2004 09:58 PM

How bout a Fan owned NFL franchise?
And people in Hell still need ice water...

No multi-billionare owner would ever let his precious money generating machines fall into the hands of the fans, the same people who pay for his Ferrari and his Condo in Miami.

I do know for a fact, however, that the citizens of Green Bay own the Packers...

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